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Athan Marr

Athan Marr
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Dantooine

Mentor(s): Nico Keztor

Species: Human


Born on the majestic fields of Datooine Athan Marr took his first breath 322:3 ABY. Athan Marr is son of Lan Marr a farmer and his mother is Nicole Marr a stay at home wife. The Marr family lived in a village of farmers, a very large community; the farmers united because they found strength in numbers against Dantoonie’s more brutal predators the graul and kinrath.

Growing up as a young boy Athan’s Father would take him out to hunt iriaz, Lan would hunt these creatures for sport. Athan would soon learn how to shoot at a very young age when he gained the strength to hold a blaster with Athan’s developing abilities he had an exceptional shot. Growing up Athan would be picked on for being different then the other village children. The village children would be cruel to Athan they would stop him from playing games with them, they refused to befriend him, and they refuse to understand him. Athan would often cry and wonder why the children would not accept him. Taking comfort in his Mother Nicole would tell Athan that the children would not accept someone who was different from them and that children could be as cruel as adults.

Not every child shun Athan, later in his childhood he would meet a young farm girl named Serasana Marth daughter of farmers Ben and Lisa Marth. Athan and Serasana grew an unbreakable bond and they became the best of friends. Serasana became his protector standing up to the other kids for Athan in his defensive, she even got into fist fights with the boys leaving them with bloody noses making them cry and run away to their mother. At the age of 10 Lan began taking Athan out into Dantooine’s rolling plains and steppes to explore the planets natural beauty and to hunt iriaz together. Athan fell in love with the beauty that Dantoonie has to offer and wondered what the rest of the Galaxy had to offer him. At night Athan and his companion Serasana would look into the stars and dream of exploring the Galaxy together. Athan’s dream of leaving Dantooine would come sooner then he expected.

It was Athan’s 12th birthday celebration, the community was very big on birthdays and the whole community celebrated even if the other kids would not like Athan they always loved it when birthday celebration came about. During the day-light the farmers attended the fields, while the women and elderly prepared for the celebration. Athan and Serasana explored into the forests alone while everyone was busy with work and preparation. They scaled up to the highest point of the forest to get the best view of the landscape. The two friends glazed in awe at the beauty, but suddenly they heard a loud explosion coming from the sky. It was a star-ship it too small to be a cruiser or any class ship to carry a crew. The ship had a cockpit suited for one pilot. Athan’s eyes widen as witness the ship crash into plains in the distance. Athan was over whelmed with excitement and curiosity to discover the remains of the ship. Serasana argued against and suggested to return to the village. Athan ignored her advice and began making his way towards the crash site, Serasana being a good friend followed her foolish friend. The two made their way down the hills of the forest and towards the open plains where the star-ship crashed landed. The pilot kicked opened the damage cockpit emerging from the ship with a few cuts, but seemed unharmed. A droid also emerged from the damaged ship beeping wildly at the pilot. Athan and Serasana approached the unknown strangers slowly. The pilot of the crashed ship turned and noticed the two children. Athan had a blank look of curiosity on his face and Serasana shared the same expression. The pilot laughed and introduced himself to gain the kids trust. Athan introduced himself and his friend. After a series of questions asked and answered Athan and Sersana took their new friend and droid to their village where he could get some food and assistance. Athan, Serasana, and their guest arrived at the village, the farmers gave them warm welcomes and Athan’s birthday celebration began. Music played, people were dancing, drinking, and eating with joy. While the community partied Lan and the mystery pilot were chatting in Lan’s home. Lan’s father would soon learn that the mystery man was actually a Jedi on a mission to find a force user child on the planet, his ship got caught in a meter storm and that’s how he crashed landed.

“The force is with that boy.” said the Jedi to Lan, Lan nodded knowing that his son was special, but never imagined him being able to have that kind of power.

“Athan doesn’t belong here he’s always stood out, its only right he leaves and make something of himself.” said Lan.

The village was full of joy and happiness all night until the next day. Lan and Jedi early in the morning woke Athan from his sleep so they could discuss his future. As the Jedi explained to Athan what his options were Athan couldn’t help, but be excited at the same time sad as he didn’t know if he would ever see his parent or friend again if accepted into the Jedi Order. Athan made his decision and decided to leave with the Jedi. Lan along his other farmers, the jedi, and droid began repairing the Jedi’s ship. Days later after the repairs were completed Athan had to say his goodbyes and farewells to those closest to him. Athan’s father Lan would travel along following the Jedi with his son in his own star-ship. As soon as preparation’s were ready the party set off. Athan’s mind made up he began a new chapter of his young life and hopefully to realize his dream of exploring the galaxy.


322.03 ABY – Birth
336.21 ABY – Initiated into the Jedi Order
338.14 ABY – Promoted to Novice Learner
338.16 ABY – Taken as Padawan Learner of Jedi Knight Nico Keztor