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Asrelia Mhy

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Roon

Mentor(s): Phoe Nhix

Species: Zelosian


Asrelia grew up on Roon with a knack for the sciences. She accelerated through schooling and became a scientist in various fields of study. She progressed through her adult life and into her thirties, working with many colleagues and gaining multiple grants for various research.
However there was several years where she fell off the scientific radar, emerging with a lack of fulfillment in her work. And while philosophy had always been a hobby to her, she began to look more into Force organizations, and with an overt interest in the Jedi order, she left the research sattelite over Duros to pursue an understanding of the Jedi philosophies, as to many of her colleagues’ surprise, she was Force-sensitive.

Upon acceptance of her application, Asrelia has stepped into the life of being a Jedi.

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