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Asphar Du

Asphar Du
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Bespin

Mentor(s): Alkaiser Aruladan, Gabe Alkorda

Species: Mirialan


Asphar is very open-minded and always welcomes different opinions and views. He also learns from such things, and this mindset and intelligence shaped him into a fine Jedi Knight.


At a really young age, Asphar was found near an orphanage. Similar to most other orphans, Asphar never knew of his parents. He grew up like any other child in one of the orphanages near Cloud City. Asphar showed a great example for his little friends at the orphanage. He always showed great respect for the orphanage and those who worked there. The adults who worked at the orphanage were really proud of him. Unfortunatly for young Asphar, the orphanage couldn’t send him to school, but that didn’t stop him from learning. Whenever he could, he was listening carefully and learning from the things that were said by the workers, prospective foster parents, and the other orphans. He learned about different wars, different planets, different species.. Asphar thought that he was a failure because his parents decided to leave him on the street. That’s why he always did his best in everything he did. He did not want to be a failure, even if his heart was telling him he was.

Day after day, from weeks to years, his life in the orphanage dragged on. He always thought if you can call this way of living a life. Some of the other children despised him, often throwing their food at him during dinner. One day, he decided to leave the orphanage, to get away from those other children. He had no money, no food, no nothing, just the clothes he was wearing when he left. When he succefully got out of the orphanage, he saw a lot of different people, but one of them mysteriously attracted his attention. He quickly decided to follow him the man. The stranger knew that the kid was following him, but smiled to himself and continued on his way. After a while, the stranger headed to a hangar and he entered a shuttle, which just happened to have a cargo hold big enough for Asphar to hide in. The stranger did nothing when he realized Asphar was on his ship. Shortly after taking off, the shuttle landed, and Asphar waited in the cargo hold until the strange got out of the shuttle and walked off. When he looked out of the shuttle, he saw a big building, and when he entered, everyone there turned and looked at him. Nervously, he said,


Then the man that Asphar had been following appeared from the crowd, looked down at Asphar, and said to him,

‘‘Why were following me, young one?’’

‘‘Well…I thought I had to, something about you told me to follow you. It was like I was being forced to..’’

‘‘Hmmmm… The Force does work in mysterious ways, indeed…’’

Then the stranger walked to Asphar, and took a little object from his belt. Then he asked to Asphar to show him his arm, and he put the little object on his arm and.. *CLICK*

‘‘Ow! It hurts… What did you do to me?’’ Asphar asked.

‘‘Just running a test, young one, nothing to worry about.’’

He looked at his little object, took his datapad out of his pocket, and put a part of the object in it. A few seconds later the stranger said aloud to himself,

‘‘ Hmmm… Just as I thought. You’re a Force Sensitive, kid… I thought I felt the Force in you. Have you thought about your future? You know, you could stay here and learn to walk the path of the Jedi, if you wish it. Keep in mind, though, the path to becoming a Jedi is not an easy one. It would require full dedication to our teachings, beliefs, and to the Jedi Order itself.’’

‘‘You mean I could be a Jedi?’’ Asphar said.

‘‘Yes. We could teach you somethings before the Council decides what to do with you, if you’d like. Would you like to stay at our Academy for a while?’’


Asphar, then, went to of the classes of the Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters. He soon met Jamus Kevari which was an Initiate at that moment, Asphar used to play hours and hours with Jamus. And few cycles later, before a class that Jedi Master Phoe Nhix was about to hold, the Jedi Master welcomed Asphar in the order as an Initiate.

Many cycles later, Asphar and Jamus met a new kid, Ergo Stomi.. The three of them became pretty close.. They went to most of the classes togheter.. Often talking during these classes.. They both had a great influence in Asphar life.. Years later, Jamus and Asphar reached the age to become Padawan Learners.. But no Jedi Knights or Jedi Masters requested them as apprentices.. Asphar was worried about his future.. All the other students of his generation were getting a mentor. During the following years, Asphar, Jamus and Ergo relationship became a priority in Asphar life.

One day, an old member of the Jedi Order came back, Jedi Knight Alkaiser Aruladan. He was totally different then the other Jedi. Asphar tried to learn much about him and he was impressed. This Jedi Knight was the one offering the type of teachings that Asphar always wanted. Asphar and Alkaiser spent many hours in the Temple.. And one day, Jedi Knight Aruladan informed Asphar that he was now his apprentice.

The day his training started, Alkaiser Arudalan informed Asphar that he was first going to be trained as a Slave.. His first year as Alkaiser’s apprentice was the worst year he ever had. Asphar had to move fifty pounds stones in the courtyard during the most of his time.. If he wasn’t in the courtyard moving stones, he was in his room taking care of a plant. This type of training matured Asphar.

As that type of training ended, Asphar’s mentor decided that it was time for him to learn more about becoming someone and building up himself. Alkaiser taught Asphar many things about other cultures.. About ways of thinking, about points of view.. And some things about the Jedi.. His training wasn’t the training of typical Padawan.. Knight Aruladan, once asked Asphar to break his arm.. Which he did.. It was to teach him what it was to be willing to suffer and to make him experience the pain. The largest part of the members of the order then started to believe that Alkaiser’s place wasn’t in the Jedi Temple anymore because his ways teachings weren’t appropriate, in their opinion.. But some were believing in Alkaiser, Asphar was part of them.

At that time, Asphar wasn’t considering himself as a Jedi.. He was someone, he had ideas and he was most likely not agreeing with the Jedi code and the Jedi ways. Soon, Gabe Alkorda asked Asphar to leave the Jedi Order.. Which he did, some of his friends asked him to stay but he couldn’t.. He didn’t inform his mentor about his departure, he was scared and troubled..

When he left the Jedi Temple, he headed to Mirial to find his biological parents.. To have a family, to be loved by some people.. Unfortunately, his parents rejected him.. He was broken, he had nothing. He was still a kid of fifteen years old at that time.. He wasn’t able to take care of himself.. It soon lead him to leave Mirial.. It lead him to Nelvaan, an ice planet.. Asphar lived there during a year.. He was living in the wilderness.. There, he learned to live, to take care of himself.. One day, he found a orphan Nelvaan Wolf which he decided to take care of.. His name was Chain’ne Du.. That wolf helped Asphar to grow.. Asphar and Chain’ne Du soon became really close, and built a bond.. Thats why Asphar decided to rename himself to Asphar Du.

As he was living on Nelvaan with Chain’ne Du, Asphar became part of a Nelvaanian tribe.. Which helped him.. As he has hit his sixteen years old.. Asphar as been sent on a Nelvaanian trial with some other teenagers of the tribe.. They would have to kill an Horax and bring it back to the village.. Which they did.. The tribe, then considered Asphar as an adult and tattooed him.. He soon realized that he would have to go back to the Jedi Temple which was now on Yavin IV to pursue his training as a Jedi..

As he arrived at the Jedi Temple, most students rejected him, including Jamus Kevari which has once been his best friend.. Only one student was happy to see him back, the young Aldia Crestrunner.. She helped him.. Without her, Asphar would have probably left the Order again, since his mentor wasn’t even there. It took around a year before other students would restart to talk to him.. Soon, Gabe Alkorda, the Jedi Master which asked Asphar to leave the order, asked him to become his apprentice.. Asphar didn’t know what to do, since Alkaiser Arudalan wasn’t there.. Asphar, accepted the offer of Alkorda..

Few days later, Arudalan came back at the Temple.. He wouldn’t talk to Asphar.. And soon, he killed himself.. Asphar didn’t know how to react, he never felt the type of emotions the death of Alkaiser lead him to.. Asphar felt guilty.. He liked Alkaiser Aruladan.. And he thought that his death was linked to him accepting Gabe Alkorda’s offer.. Even after few discussions with his mentor about the matter, Asphar still felt guilty.

Gabe Alkorda taught Asphar about the Jedi philosophy, about some cultures, about the lightsaber arts, about history, about most likely everything which was related to the Jedi.. Gabe wasn’t like all the other Knights and Masters.. He was listening to Asphar and his points of view.. Gabe was also talking to Asphar about what he was thinking.. Asphar wasn’t considering Gabe Alkorda as guide, but as someone he could learn from and he could talk to.

Asphar wasn’t allowed to teach other students which were part of the order, but he still did.. During a large period of time, there weren’t any classes held by Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters, but Asphar did hold some with the help of other students like, Jamus, Ergo, Aldia and some others.. Some Knights and Masters asked him to stop but he didn’t listen which lead him to a lot trouble..

The young Aldia Crestrunner, left the order when she was around eleven years old, Asphar was often training with her, teaching her new things.. And he considered her as his sister.. When she left, Asphar felt like if there was something missing in the Temple.. It took him over a year to pass over it, he stopped teaching other students during that period.. But one day, Asphar met a young man, his name was Cyril Feraan, Asphar sort-of transfered his feelings on him and started training him like his little brother.. Cyril probably doesn’t know about that, but he probably taught Asphar more than Asphar taught him..

At the moment, Asphar is still training under Gabe Alkorda to become a Jedi Knight.

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