JEDI HoloNet

Ashla Vasari


Homeworld: Shili

Species: Togruta


Birth: Ashla Vasari was born on the Togruta homeworld of Shili, the Togruta are a species of people with three head-tails similar to the Twi’lek but are coloured with stripes, they also have prominent crests on their foreheads which are unique for every Togruta. Ashla’s parents are commoners which have spent their entire lives in service to the Jedi Agricorps and the many other corps the Jedi have. They have spent majority of their lives on the move, assisting in the growth of planets and the rebuilding of planets; like the planets severely affected by the war with the Chiss and Mandalorians – The Attrition wars. Ashla’s parents are very well-versed in Galactic Standard Basic and their native language; Togruti. The Corps have given Ashla’s parents an excellent education and have traits similar to that of the Jedi. Ashla’s parents originally attempted to join the Jedi Order as very young infants however they failed the initial testing for force-sensitivity, as such they joined the Jedi Corps and have remained in service for the duration of their lives, they intend to bring young Ashla into the Jedi Corps as service in the Jedi Corps has been a tradition for the Vasari family line for a millennia.
Childhood: The Jedi Corps required people to travel from temples to planets and much more, Ashla did not spend much of her youth on Shili aside from days of celebration and meeting the rest of her family, she travelled to many settlements and planets which were torn apart by the Attrition Wars. Ashla did not make many consistent friends, she would make friends on one planet then have to hurry along to the other, but this did not stop her from attempting to make friends and her parents often encouraged her to socialize whenever possible. Ashla was taught how to speak Basic and Togruti by her parents as well as how to write both languages, they also taught her math, geography and agriculture which was very important in the Jedi Corps. By spending a lot of her child-hood on torn planets and small settlements which had a collective of different species, Ashla became accepting of other species and began to understand the galaxy a lot better than most children her age, she also became humble as she learnt more about the places she visited and found herself very fortunate to have been born on a stable planet and into a stable family.
Ashla took her first visit to Coruscant at the age of nine, upon entry she was requested to take a midichlorian test to see how force-sensitive she could possibly be. Ashla’s parents were not concerned, both family lines had no luck with the force but this did not upset them, as they was happy to have Ashla remain in the Jedi Corps. When her test results returned, she was told that she was indeed force sensitive, her parents were pleasantly surprised and incredibly happy, they urged her to go with the Jedi so she could fulfil her dreams as much as their own dreams when they were children. Ashla accepted the Jedi’s offer to become an applicant, taking her first small step into a possibly bright future.