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Avrix Sando

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Unknown

Mentor(s): Munia t'kk Bozzk*

Species: Epicanthix


Avrix was three years old when he was delivered to the Ossus, Temple. There wasn’t a note or any identification with him and it is unknown who even brought him. Through d.n.a scans, it revealed a percentage of his Epicanthix heritage. Little else is known about the Jedi. The Medical testing, reveals his midichlorian count and it was decided by the times council to test the boy when he was old enough on his Fifth birthday.

He lived in peace and safety with the Jedi on, Ossus for several years. Training in the Jedi arts, with an ever growing interest to help settle disputes among the Temple. He enjoyed it like it was a game helping many others and keeping a social peace among the students the best he could.

Eventually his master, Munia t’kk Bozzk, ( a chiss Male Consular ) Noticed this and pushed Avrix to continue the path of Diplomacy, in his study this eventually became his secondary focus to training in the Jedi arts.

On his Twenty Second birthday, Avrix was on a jog for his training, when he noticed a group of students being attacked by some smugglers attempting to rob their light sabers, more likely to sell for profit. Being more powerful than the students in harms way. He assisted with the scuffle saving the three students without causing harm to the Robbers. He then convinced them to forever leave, Ossus or be prosecuted by the Jedi and the law ( giving them a chance to try and change their ways )

The council recognizes his heroics and cool head dealing with helping the students and elevates his status to Jedi Knight. With the student population growing on Ossus the council there felt that a transfer would help better serve the order in other reaches of the galaxy.

He currently awaits a full transfer to Rannon and aspires to represent the High Council and mediate on internal issues as well as assisting in galactic negotiations.