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Arven Silaan

Arven Silaan
Jedi Master - Former Councilor

Homeworld: Karvos II

Mentor(s): Wheryn*

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Silas Vir'n, Zander-Bo Umra, Mirkal, Karmarie Zar


Boundless rejuvenation abilities give Arven the ability to maintain his stamina at all times through constant channeling of Force energy, which heightens his strength, stamina and mental longevity.

Extremely developed tapas allows Arven to protect himself from the most severe forms of harm. In addition, his ability to refine and focus this energy is so precise that heat can be felt to the extreme stage at setting ablaze objects and even melting some.

Curato salva is another ability that Arven has developed to a skilled level, which he can use to channel energy to others through touch, providing a flow of positive, healing energy that can reverse any ailments and restore stamina to whoever he has touched.

Force augmentation is another ability Arven makes use of to the masterful extent, being able to augment his strength, mental awareness and speed which allows him to be extremely nimble and effective in dire circumstances.


Arven was born into the Matukai force tradition to parents Zarus and Tayn Silaan on the planet Karvos II, a relative standard planet in the core worlds. Arven was an ordinary child and his Force sensitivity would have been over looked had he been born to different parents.

As Arven grew, so would the difficulty in his training. When taken on as an apprentice by a close friend to his parents named Wheryn, Arven was tutored in the ways of the Force, quickly developing the most essential aspect, in the eyes of the Matukai, the link between mind and body, strengthening his connection to the Force by doing so.

The pair wandered the galaxy, as is common in their culture, never truly settling down anywhere for long, exploring all corners of the galaxy and offering aid to locals in return for food and shelter. The two would also often at times be joined by other wandering Matukai, which was common. Arven would see more of the galaxy by the time he turned eighteen than most would dream of in an entire life time.

Arven learnt many of the skills commonly associated with the Matukai under his apprenticeship. As time went on, and as he continued to learn, he would craft the weapon of his people, the wan-shen. However, difficulty would arise as Arven prepared himself for his ascension to the rank of Adept. Wheyrn took him to Yavin IV as a final test, similar to that of the Jedi, to face the darkness within himself.

What was supposed to be a simple, short test turned to months and eventually lead to an entire year being spent on the moon. Refusing to ever talk about the incident, Arven left the planet, granted the title of Matukai adept but choosing to walk by himself.

It would be two years later, when Jedi Sebastin Creed, friend to his former mentor would invite Arven to the enclave on Alzoc as an ambassador for the Matukai as well as to instruct the students there on a different view of the Force. In doing so, Sebastin allowed Arven the ability to learn more about the Jedi Order, and his former mentor as well.