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Arukh Bakh’tor

Arukh Bakh’tor
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Honoghr

Mentor(s): Tergos Zemnos

Species: Noghri


Arukh Bakh’tor is a Noghri male born on 292.6ABY. He originates from the southern sector of the Clean Lands which are primary living grounds for the Noghri population on home-planet Honoghr. His parents lived a basic life, hunting and providing for the clan on the outskirts of the central village. Arukh grew up a intellectual Noghri, advancing in his tactical abilities far ahead then the other Noghri children. By the age of 10 Arukh had been one of the favourite children to choose for the hunt due to his seemingly natural ability to think through situations clearly and logically.

Two years later, at the age of 12, the village was visited by a strange man in a dark cloak. He claimed to be a Jedi Master from the Dantooine branch of the Jedi Order. He explained to the Chief of the clan that he had a special gift, given only to a select number of humanoids around the universe. The clan held a brief, passive aggressive discussion about his future. Most wanted him to remain, however a few, including his parents decided he had potential for more. Arukh journeyed to the Dantooine Temple and began his training as a Jedi. He quickly adopted skills in agility and saber arts, which are naturally skills a Noghri possess without a midi-chlorian count. He progressed through his training for the next 6 years, learning the basics of the Jedi Code and the ability to augment his speed. The Jedi Council decided he could learn more from another Temple, more specifically; the Alzoc III Enclave. Arukh had no choice but to agree with the decision of the Council, and began to pack his things, heading towards Alzoc III Jedi Enclave to resume his training as a Jedi.

Upon arriving, he was placed in temporary dormitories for near a cycle, until he was finally called up to the Council Chambers. Jedi Master Aayla Vigil and Jedi Master Sai Akaida looked upon Arukh as he nervously awaited their verdict. He was accepted as a transfer, and given the correct security protocols. He ventured to the student dormitories, where he found Rui Vuusen, another student. He spoke with him as he settled into his bed, immediately becoming friends. His training continued for the next few years. He was then approached by a Jedi Knight by the name of Tergos Zemnos. He explained to Arukh that he was going to train Arukh as his Padawan, and that he would maintain that training until Knighthood is achieved. Arukh continued training under Knight Tergos for the next few years, advancing his sensory abilities, his saber form and knowledge of both the Force and history of the Jedi Order.