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Arikakon Genkal

Arikakon Genkal
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Mon Calamari

Mentor(s): Wesley Ryor, Sarrecm'ar'reccarve, Jared Quell

Species: Mon Calamari


Arikakon Genkal hatched on the Mon Calamari homeworld of Dac on 228.07 as the only child of Teksth and Retkha Genkal. The family lived on the Mon Calamari Shipyard platform, and frequently traveled planetside. They were a highly respected merchant family that sold everything from Calamarian C-tea to the rarest of jewels.

Arikakon was not an ordinary child, everyone knew that. Yet, there was something about him that people seemed to like. He seemed to be a natural technician and musician, as well as having a talent for speaking. He was well-liked in his school, both by his peers and his teachers.

One day, when Arikakon was 12 years old, his parents took him deep-sea swimming for an early birthday present. Arikakon wandered off alone, his parents not noticing, to investigate an interesting coral formation. While he was investigating the formation, an unseen Amphi-Hydrus captured his mind with the Dark Side of the Force and was close to drowning him, when suddenly Arikakon pushed the creature away, breaking its focus and freeing himself from its mind-controlling grip. Arikakon rushed back to his parents, signaled for them to return to the surface, and explained what happened. His parents instantly recognized the probability of Arik being a Force-sensitive, and so sent him to Bespin to be trained in the ways of the Force.

Arikakon lived in the Bespin Temple for some time, eventually training under Jedi Knight Wesley Ryor, until they moved to a vacant Temple on Yaving IV. Soon thereafter, his presense was requested at a three-year diplomatic summit on Dac. At the summit, Arikakon negotiated treaties between parties ranging from the simplest kelp farmers to the most affluent diplomats and businessmen. However, the summit also posed dangers: a Commonwealth-affiliated terrorist organization threatened to overturn the entire ordeal. Several of the thugs were dispatched at a time, but there were so many that the local police force was overwhelmed. Arikakon helped as much as he could without igniting his saber, as any lightsaber ignited would raise tensions, and a training saber would not do much against the terrorists. Still, Arikakon stayed at the summit until its 2-cycle-early dismissal due to the terrorists. While at the summit, Arikakon noted that he was without a Master, as Wesley was involved in a war, and had given him up. When no further news reached the Temple after Wes’s first and only vid ended in gunfire and static, Arikakon was decidedly Masterless.

After hardly a year of solo training, Arikakon was assigned another Master, this time a Chiss whom he had known when both were Padawans, Jedi Knight Sarrecm’ar’reccarve. This relationship lasted only a few years, then Arikakon’s second Master left to travel the Galaxy.

For some time Arikakon trained alone, delving into the archives. He was called upon to help mediate a dispute on Dac between the Quarren and Mon Calamarian people. It was here that he first caught the attention of Jared Quell who took him as a padawan some years later on 254.28.