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Arial Kast

Arial Kast
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Lynee'alin

Species: Human


Arial Kast was born in 240.15 on Coruscant in a rather peaceful and well looked after sector. From the age of 3 she was applied an education to the nearest school. Through the years she lived a life like any other healthy child, with her parents. Her family was fairly wealthy and lived comfortably throughout each passing day. Her mother stayed at home to clean, as well as looking after Arial once she came back from school, with her father working busy hours at the offices.

By the age of 8 she had learned a fair amount about the world around her. Arial spoke good basic for her age and was a very healthy, young girl. She first heard of the jedi as a toddler, her mother would fascinate Arial with grand stories of the Old Republic. But it was the date 248.16 when she saw a jedi through her own eyes for the first time.

The school day had ended and Arial was walking to her home through the hallways of the building like any other day. But she looked up and found a man being threatened and mobbed by a rodian thug with a blaster. Without wait she sprinted for anybody to help, her heart racing. She had only just turned the corner when she bumped into a robed sentient who soon looked down at her with a pleasant smile. Arial, trying to catch her breath, informed the stranger of what she had just seen.

Without warning the robed stranger gave a small nod and within a second Arial saw that he was already knocking the blaster from the rodian’s hands, mumbling to him quietly. The rodian gave a nod and walked away slowly, talking to himself using the exact words the stranger had given him. The tall man watched the thug walk past the corner then turned to Arial and gave another pleasant smile. Looking straight into her eyes, he told Arial of her braveness, but asked her what made her do it. She took a few seconds to ponder before saying ;

“I just, knew I had to. Like, I was being told to.”

They both introduced each other, and Arial’s thoughts had come true. The stranger was a Jedi Knight.

Without much notice Arial began talking to the knight as if she was talking to her friends. She knew she was safe. Once they had gotten to her home the knight was greeted to her parents and conversation broke. Soon enough Arial was invited to come to the temple the knight had mentioned. She quickly gave a definite yes with no hesitation. Her parents were over joyed and honored to hear that she would be going to a jedi temple. They felt proud for Arial and soon enough let her go thinking it would give her a better life.

Arial and Knight Jared Quell set off on his ship and took a long journey to the moon – Yavin IV. They arrived and Arial was dazzled with amazement by the features of the temple. She found many friends of all ages, and many species she had read about on Coruscant. One of her most closest friends was Indilia Krayren (now known as Indilia Von), one of the first students she met. It was not long before Arial knew this would be her new home.

On the date 249.04 Arial was taken up to the council room and was questioned. Trying to ignore how nervous she was, she answered as best she could. Doing this, resulted to her initiation. Master Corinth Alkorda gave her a green training saber which would now be hers to train with. Arial trained and learned so much more that she thought she would never be able to know. From then on she would practice as much as she could with her telekinetic abilities, which didn’t take her long to learn, as well having fun swinging her saber at harmless holocrons.

As the years passed on Arial knew by now she was attached more to using the force rather than her own saber. Over time new younglings came and joined her in her training, as she did with there’s. By the time she was thirteen Arial was given a request by Master Lynee’Alin. Without concern Arial accepted to go through another step in training as a padawan learner.

As time went on her training progressed, two years had passed before Arial was given a full frequency saber to have and to hold. She was more experienced in the force and different pieces of saber arts, but not too long after Arial was told that her training with Master Lynee’Alin would end. Arial kept with her training ignoring the fact she was no longer being trained by a master. Shortly after the order moved to it’s new home, the Enclave of Dac situated in the northern hemisphere. Unfortunately whilst here, her jealousy for her peers’ training grew. Over time she became less connected to her friends and decided to spend more time training independently. From time to time she came to a class, or talked with a master. But she became a lot quieter, and less talkative.

After this long period of avoiding her friends, Arial finally decided to get more connected to the other students and masters around the temple. It made little affect to her at first, but she did enjoy being around everyone again. This carried on for a year or so, before Arial’s training was interrupted again. Arial had caught a disease that kept her in rest for over a year, almost two. Though she did not want to tell anyone, for she did not want anyone seeing her. Under maintenance, Arial gradually healed from her illness, and within a couple of years, she was stable again.

By the time Arial was stable, the order had relocated back to the temple on Yavin IV. This pleased her, seeing how she disliked the temple on Dac, as did many. As of then she got used to going back into her training rather quickly, though she still felt best alone most of the time. Within a year or so she gradually got used to being with her peers again. She carries on her training, masterless and eager to train again, attending held classes and activities to this day.