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Aria Sadru

Aria Sadru

Homeworld: Kiffu

Species: Kiffar


Kiffu. The home-world of the Clan-based society and specie known as the Kiffar. The Sadru was one of the many clans on Kiffar, the Sadru were not a great clan, they were small and that is how they liked it. The Sadru clan resided in a small canyon in the Northern reaches of Kiffu, the clan was made up of four shamans, the fifth was considered unofficial. One of these Shamans was Jarek, Jarek was one of the leading Shamans in the Sadru Clan hierarchy, renowned for his work as a believer in the force and in healing, he had a spouse, Lilah, another renown Healer but held no power or interest in Clan politics. The two would later have a child; Aria. Aria was the first born of the family and the last. Being first born, she was well sheltered and protected in her first years as a baby and child. Both her parents were force-sensitive so it was no surprise to the parents that she was also force-sensitive, her midichlorians were tested by her father and he simply felt her tiny presence in the force.

Aria’s father always dreamed of having a child, someone who could pass on his teachings through the generations, it almost became an obsession, an obsession of which both Lilah and a relative would take notice of. As Aria grew, the more Jarek would become obsessed, his sense of strictness would increase, and punishing the child for any wrong move he disagreed with. However this led to Aria becoming rebellious, not disciplined, she respected her elders but simply went out her way to make her father disapprove, and as such her connection with her father was almost moot. From there on, Lilah kept close watch on Aria, keeping her safe and away from her father without raising suspicion, Great-Aunt Maida assisted in this matter also, another renowned Shaman in the Sadru Clan and one of the oldest.

Aria was taken away from Kiffar for a few cycles as she hit the age of five. Lilah and Maida took Aria to Ragoon VI and Kiffex, Kiffex being the sister planet of Kiffu and Ragoon VI being an untouched planet, free from the pollution of the galaxy. Aelissa, a fellow clan member and young girl accompanied the group to Ragoon VI, Aelissa was one of Aria’s greatest friends. Whilst on there trip to Ragoon VI, the group of ladies found themselves in the company of two Jedi, one being an elderly Knight while the other was simply a young student, Padawan to be exact. Lilah knew the Knight would be on Ragoon VI, she called him there for a favour. Lilah went over the details and that she was afraid that her husband might have dark plans for the future, understanding this, the Knight did offer to take Aria and Aelissa into the Order but only when they return to Kiffu. Lilah agreed and the Knight revealed himself to be Karl Noma, he questioned the two girls with simple questions, about their ambitions and whether or not they truly wanted this opportunity. They answered like any child would with agreement. Great Aunt Maida and Lilah returned to Kiffu with the two children.

A few cycles later and the Jedi arrived, the Watchman Karl Noma. Karl Noma did his duties as a recruiter and as a watchman, he tested the children. Upon coming to his conclusion, he decided that four children would be sent to the Order, two would head to Coruscant, Aelissa was one of the four to be selected and was sent away to Dantooine to assist in its rebuilding while Aria was sent to Alzoc Three for specialist training. Aria was whisked away in the night, having a brief farewell with her mother and aunt before finally leaving. Jarek was left clueless and unawareā€¦ the repercussions of the act are yet to be known.