JEDI HoloNet


Jedi Knight - Former Councilor

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Caerith Lhot

Species: Cathar

Padawan(s): Vuren Nilim


Anya is around ten years old. Even though she grew up without her “real” family, her story is the opposite of a dramatic one.

Raised in Coruscant for as long as she remembers herself, she grew up to be dynamic and kind of self-raised, without that meaning that she didn’t have any help.

More like a nomad, Anya got used to walk and walk and walk around to discover new places, and thankfully she got lucky in all of her travels. Mostly lived in foster homes, she was able to get to know extraordinary cultures and traditions, and most importantly, she was able to learn other languages, if only for the basics, like how to communicate and navigate herself through a city via strangers’ instructions. She was fluent on Basic and Catharese (even though she never went to Cathar, she always felt like she had to learn to speak the language of her own people).

She wasn’t the most popular person, as one could characterize her behavior as eccentric. The main reason of this is her mistrust and lack of politeness towards people. And her mistrust itself explains her need to wander.
Her introduction to the Force was when she was trying to scam the neighborhood children that she had superpowers, just like in the comics she read, and she was able to count how many fingers a kid was hiding behind his back. Out of her twenty six tries, she was able to clearly see the right amount in about one third of them. And this was after she really tried, because she needed the money for more comics.

She didn’t gave it a second thought, but when a few hours later a robed woman came to talk to her about it, she was more than intrigued with the concept of living free and eating free in a big house. All she had to do was to go there and see what was all about, and if she got bored, she could leave anytime, as the woman said.

“Why not?”, she pondered, as she was boarding at the woman’s ship.