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Amoné Fayden

Amoné Fayden
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Rori

Mentor(s): Kenta, Delmi N'jork.

Species: Human/Zabrak

Padawan(s): Kieran Orion


Languages: Galactic Basic, Zabraki


Birth and Family:

Amoné Fayden was born to parents Vantus Fayden and Avicia Fayden.
Due to complications at birth, Avicia passed away an hour after. This left Vantus as the sole parent to raise their daughter.
Amoné’s Grandparents from her Mother’s side reside on Iridonia and rarely get to see their grand daughter. Although Amoné’s grandparents were highly opposed to the union of her parents, creating a rift between them, their affection for their grand daughter is indisputable.

Force Sensitivity:

Vantus, being a Jedi Padawan some years earlier, watched carefully as his daughter grew, waiting for signs of Force Sensitivity. He was, at first, pleased to see no such sign, wanting a normal life for his daughter.
The Chiss wars had little impact on Rori and with the Galaxy’s mistrust of the Jedi, it was a safe place to bring up his daughter free from danger.

Unfortunately for Vantus, Amoné showed her first signs of Force Sensitivity at the age of six. It came in the form of short bursts of speed when heavily engaged in playing.
Although not extreme in velocity, it was sudden enough to be noted as unnatural for a girl of her age.
It was also a trait inherited from her Father and a trait he knew well.

Notable skills and development:

When Amoné reached the age of seven, Vantus decided to instruct her in the usage of small blasters. Being a skilled marksman himself, he felt that his daughter’s Force Sensitivity could be channeled and utilized to enhance her abilities without necessarily being aware of the Force. This would shield her from the teachings and politics of the Jedi.

As sure as he had hoped, Amoné’s abilities in marksmanship showed signs of rapid development. Her agility also heightened as she grew. These abilities were encouraged by Vantus though he always gave explicit instructions for her to never show them in the public eye. A fact she seldom understood but complied with at all times.

A quick sprinter and a keen shot, what she lacks in physical strength she makes up for in speed and “Deadeye” accuracy.

School and Social life:

Amoné attended the main school in Narmle, the town in which she lived.
She had a close ring of friends each of a different race. This was particularly welcomed by Amoné who would often bear the brunt of social bullying due to her mixed race. Often tagged as “Hybrid” and “Freak”, she found herself getting into fights, especially with the younger boys.


Under the constant scrutiny of her peers because of her mixed-race as well as pressure from her Father to hide her abilities, Amoné became very secretive and distrusting of others. Often found lying and hiding things from her Father, she would find it difficult to express her honest feelings on a matter.

Amoné has inherited most of her Father’s traits, being raised by him alone. This includes a high amount of physical energy, a love of food, a strong interest in music and a borderline cocky sense of confidence.
She also carries on her Father’s love for flamboyant attire.

Although she often speaks poorly of her father, mocking his actions, she harbors a strong desire to make him proud and earn his affection.

Arrival on Alzoc III:

Her Father Vantus spent most of his time during and after his life as a Jedi seeking the answers surrounding his own Father’s disappearance. It soon became a lifetime commitment and obsession and just as answers were drawing near, Amoné was born. He placed his search to the side to raise his daughter but as Amoné reached the age of twelve, the answers came looking for him.

Fearing his daughter’s safety, his only hope lay with the remaining Jedi now residing on Alzoc III. Much like his own Father, he sent Amoné to the Jedi with little explanation. He simply disguised the event as an “adventure”, telling her to hide her identity at all costs until she had given a small transmitter to a “Master Soh Raun” and that he would see her soon.
After bidding her a casual farewell and supplying her with a fake return ticket, Vantus sent his daughter off to the Jedi of Alzoc III hoping that they would be able to both protect her and teach her how to wield the Force, completing what he could never finish.

Vantus left at this stage and headed into the unknown reaches of the Outer Rim. Other than a breif transmission to Masters Soh Raun and Aayla Vigil, nobody has been able to contact Vantus and his current whereabouts are unknown.