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Ametha Tasia

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Naboo

Mentor(s): Aknaross Myotis

Species: Mirialan

Padawan(s): Serris K'Ral, Oberon Pentari, Voth Ahkrin


A skilled Healer with a growing understanding of energy fields and a solid grip on Soresu that is reflected in her calm and collected demeanor.


Well known for her skill as a Healer and physician, along with her role as one of the Order’s leading experts in the fields of Genetics and Cell Biology.


Ametha was born in the city of Theed on Naboo to two professors at the Theed University. Her father was the head of the history department while her mother worked as an archeologist, spending most of her time on dig sites rather than the comfort of an office. Although the pair tried to spark Ametha’s interest such fields, even from a young age, Ametha was never interested. As a result of her parent’s positions, Ametha was homeschooled during her first few years there and as a result, spending little time in the company of other children her age.
Upon turning seven years old, her parents opted to send Ametha to a more formal educational institution. During her time in school, Ametha was more of a loner making no substantial contact with other students; this worried both her parents and her teachers. A few months into the school year, the resident Jedi Watchman would test the students for Force Sensitivity, as usual. After being submitted to a blood examination and a series of other tests to determine if she had developed any latent abilities, Ametha was found with sufficient Force Sensitivity to warrant being sent to a Jedi institution for further testing and perhaps even instruction.
Somewhat overjoyed, considering their religious backgrounds, her parents readily gave their consent and Ametha was sent to Coruscant for further testing. She would spend most of her time there following one of the younger minders, Aleema Serro, a red-haired, green-eyed human female. The two would spend most of their time together, forging a closely knit bond. This gave Ametha some comfort, something to hold onto as her life was changing far too quickly for her to cope with. Upon further deliberation, the Council decided that she would be sent to the Jedi Temple of Yavin IV as a hopeful. Ametha stared out the shuttles window as they approached the Red Gas Giant, her eyes dart to the small green entity to the giant’s side. The shuttle banked the right and the Jungle Moon was now clearly visible; she had arrived at her destination.
Ametha would later remain on Yavin IV, awaiting the council’s deliberations as to her eventual fate.
During this time, she would meet many other hopefuls just like her, along with a several students, Knights and Masters. She would enjoy Indilia’s company in particular, perhaps because she provided the motherly figure Ametha had so sorely needed. Three weeks later, Ametha would be called to the council chambers along with Fane, Zeak, Daereon and Zekii. The six would be initiated into the order and each granted their own training saber, a remote, some robes, a datapad and a comlink; things they would need during their training. Aslyn Denethorn, a newly Knighted Jedi, would take to training the group rather frequently, becoming something of a mentor to the pack of children, which was known as the Nexu Clan- a name Ametha never found fitting.
And so her journey as a Jedi began, with a lot of training both in Combat and in the Force, in addition to learning the many philosophical doctrines a Jedi must know. Ametha was not up to the task, however, and her training was difficult with very little progress. What was more troubling was her lack of social interactions with others- her shyness was fairly evident, and she had a very hard time at forming friendships. Showing –some- progress after innumerable failures, she caught the attention of Aknaross Mytois, a recently Knighted Jedi. Myotis would provide her with some training. A few sessions, and Myotis would declare Ametha Tasia his first apprentice. This brought no end of joy to Ametha, and she would take on this honor to heart- working as hard as she possibly could.
During their first few years together, Aknaross would instill Ametha with discipline through intensive physical training which Ametha took on with undeniable exuberance. Even though Aknaross tried to expand her horizons at the time to other topics such as more advanced Force Techniques as well as several philosophical doctrines, Ametha was simply unreceptive- prompting Aknaross to hold his silence, bitterly watching his padawan neglect his own realm of expertise. Further down the line, Ametha would, with the aid of Jedi Knight Aayla Vigil, discover her latent aptitude for the healing arts. She would redirect her attention to this particular field, pursuing her Medical and Healing studies with great vigor.
Her master would take her on numerous excursions, one in which they visited Count Kallyus, Aknaross’ long-time friend and mentor. Another, less successful mission was to Tatooine, tracking down a spice syndicate smuggling the illegal drug into Alliance space. In the coming years, Ametha’s medical expertise, as well as her proficiency in the healing arts, would grow drastically- rivaling the skill of many who were more experienced in the field; that, coupled with her calm and collected demeanor, and her maturity beyond her years, were openly recognized by many of the Academy’s Jedi. Anti-Jediism was surging up once more within the galaxy due to the actions of a few incompetent Jedi. All this culminated with the assassination of Mandalore by a supposid Jedi. This was coupled with an assault by Chiss Forces on the Northern Commonwealth Territory, thus causing much distress in the galaxy. The Chiss then allied with the Mandalorians and assaulted Dantooine, declaring war on the Jedi. It would not be long before this war reached Yavin IV.
On 278.13, Yavin IV was assaulted by a Mandalorian fleet decimating the Jedi Temple and the Alliance forces in space. Luckily the inhabitants escaped, but not without casualties as Jedi Knight Tholmai died in the assault and many more were wounded. It was here were Ametha’s skills were put to the test, as she was forced to apply her medical skills under pressure. During these times, she and Atrux took on the stressful task of dealing with the Jedi’s injuries. Especially after the landing on Tatooine and suffering from assaults by the Barbaric Sand People. A few cycles later, Ametha and her master would be called upon to aid in locating a lost padawan Connor Marel from the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. The Jedi was last seen on Nar Shadaa; consequently, they set off to Nar Shadaa in hopes of finding the padawan and brining him to safety. The mission was a success, despite what Ametha had to go through.
Soon, the Jedi would move to a new facility on Alzoc III. One she would not spend much time in due to her having enlisted in the Coalition Medical Corps. She was sent to Bastion and arrived there from 280.31. and up until 281.09 She would experience many things on Bastion, and grow both in mind and in spirit; she then returned to the Jedi Enclave of Alzoc III to rest and recuperate. She would later resign her commission, and spend most of her time trying to get reacquainted with the Enclave and its inhabitants. She would, secretly, wrestle away the stresses of PTSD requiring frequent medications from A-48 which rendered her less inhibited than usual, and thus her behavior seemed bizarre on occasions.
A few years later, Aknaross would take Ametha on a small mission to an excavation site. There Ametha would face the culmination of her past experiences and leave with greater wisdom. Recognizing this, Ametha was taken to the council chambers on 283.24 and granted the title of Jedi Knight, completing her training at long last. A year or so later, after surviving an encounter with a Mandalorian hunting party, Ametha would return to the Enclave and her duties as a Jedi Knight of the Order. She would even request an Apprentice in the form of an Iktotchi Male names Serris K’Ral, take up teaching Force Mastery and Theory from Master Vigil, who had taught the class for over 17 years, with the Council’s approval, and rejoin the Coalition Military out of sheer frustration at the Ascendancy’s continued spate of victories, and in particular, the loss of both her master and beloved home world.
Her Knighthood, however, would be a shaky one. A few years into her training of Serris, she would utterly vanish, having gotten caught up in matters off-world. She would involve herself with a local resistance pockets within occupied Commonwealth territories, working on a variety of planets with the intent of undermining the Ascendancy’s hold on the Commonwealth, becoming particularly active on Naboo, her home world, which she sought to see liberated from the Chiss occupation. In her time, she would meet many like-minded men and women, who while not being Jedi, played a considerable role in shaping Ametha’s outlook on the galaxy, as well as her attitude towards Order in the many years to come.
There she would meet Rokar Vanet and Atria Vesh, an old commonwealth navy officer and a rebellious young girl who had been fed up with the Chiss’ nonsense, and sought a better future for her world. She would become close friends with the pair, the three often undertaking tasks together. However, as with all such endeavors, utter ruin would always be looming in the mist. One fateful morning saw her bunker assaulted by a group of Chiss commandos. Taken by surprise, neither Ametha nor her allies had enough time to react, and they were forced to flee for their lives. Thus ended Ametha’s chapter within the commonwealth resistance cells, and she opted to escape from Naboo.
It would seem that the Force was not done with the young Mirialan Jedi, and she would be guided through a series of perceived mishaps and coincidences to be reunited with her Master again, who was gladdened to have seen his young apprentice, but his joy upon their reunion was short lived as he heard of the Knight’s exploits off-world, and outside the Order. He also felt the dissention that plagued her heart, having gotten fed up with the Order’s undue neutrality with regards to the issue, and their tendency to follow the Alliance’s lead on matters. He would urge her to accompany him in his travels, taking her with him on his yearly pilgrimage to Bendu monks in the Andobi mountains on Andu prime. There Ametha would slowly clear her mind of clutter- relearning what years of conflict had driven her to forget. After achieving peace with herself, the young Jedi would, at the behest of her Master, travel back to the Order, and request reinstatement.
She would begin this new chapter of her life with taking on a new padawan in the form of a human male by the name of Oberon Pentari. Over the years the pair would grow closer, Pentari taking up the mantle of a Healer and following through with his training diligently. Despite this, however, Ametha’s work off-world would take her away from the boy’s later years, leading to his frustration; frustration that would ultimately result in the creation of a rift between the two. Ultimately, however, the pair would be reunited, and Ametha would see through his training to Knighthood on 310.28, bringing her great peace to her heart. Regardless, Ametha would grow substantially both in skill in the Force and wisdom over these years. She would visit her home world of Mirial, reconnecting with her roots and discovering interesting facts about his family. She would also pursue a failed investigation with the Alliance’s (now Republic’s) intelligence agency- one that culminated with her forsaking all such endeavors.

Currently, the Jedi spends her time at the Enclave, attending to her duties as the enclave’s Chief Healer, and overseeing the training of the many young initiates that flock the halls, alongside her peers.