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Amalia Feyn

Amalia Feyn
Jedi Master - Former High Councilor

Homeworld: Kiffu

Mentor(s): Selura Vark

Species: Kiffar

Padawan(s): Wen Ordo, Reina Arlos


Amalia found she had a natural attunement to a variety of passive Force techniques, including Psychometry, Telepathy and Empathy. She also became well practised in a number of illusionary techniques. Most notably, Amalia was a trained Jedi Seer.


Jedi Master and High Councilor Amalia Feyn is generally characterized by her polite, sofisticated, kind hearted, and insightful nature. While respectful and otherwise reserved, Amalia was known to show great displays of passion for the Jedi Order’s survival in the Imperium War. She, herself, spearheaded the Jedi forces against the Sith Imperium threat.

As a young child, she discovered an inherent ability in foresight. A talent to see the future. Since, she has developed a wide range of powerful sensory abilities. For her skill as a sensory Jedi, Amalia is considered to be one of the Order’s most well-practised telepaths and seers of her era. Master Feyn’s lightsaber blade is rarely seen, as she prefers to have her blade sheathed than activated. However, she is not afraid to ignite when necessary.


Amalia Feyn was born in the remote areas of Kiffu on 286.15 ABY. She was raised by both her parents on their farm, which was used to raise live stock, of varying breeds. Her parents were once part of the Feyn clan, who disbanded a few years before Amalia’s birth, as their numbers began to dwindle over the course of four generations. Amalia’s mother however still applied the clan’s ‘qukuuf’ to her daughters face, unwilling to divorce herself completely from the traditions of the Feyn clan. She felt a responsibility to prolong it’s name for another generation, considering her family were one of its remaining members. The ‘qukuuf’ of the Feyn clan was simplistic in its design, consisting of a simple green band that extended horizontally across the centre of the face.

Amalia began her education at six years of age, forced to study at home as a result of the families lacking income, leaving her terribly isolated in her early life. The financial problems became worse for Amalia’s parents when her father, Jarsh Feyn, tragically became paralysed, below the waist, in a terrible accident whilst tending to his duties.

Amalia’s mother, Leyra, struggled to maintain the farm alone, so a year after her father’s accident they sold the property and moved into low rent accommodation in one of the capital cities of Kiffu. Employment options were extremely limited in the area, so Amalia’s family did not find themselves living in their run down apartment for long. They made their way to Coruscant, on a public transporter, after a long battle with the system’s bureaucracy to obtain starport visas.

At the age of nine, Amalia arrived on Coruscant with her parents. The three of them continued their struggle to obtain the bare necessities, as it was sometime before Amalia’s mother was able to secure employment. Even with Leyra’s income, both supporting and caring for a young daughter and a disabled husband began to become close to impossible for her.

When considering their options, Leyra turned her attention to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. She considered sending Amalia there for study, not entirely aware of the limitations placed on the initiates in regards to seeing their families. A midichlorian count revealed Amalia was Force sensitive, and it was only shortly after the blood test that Leyra learnt she may never see Amalia again if she decided to leave her in the Order’s care. Leyra declined the offer and took Amalia home.

Months went by and Amalia had just turned ten years old. The money problems of the Feyn family had worsened as Leyra struggled to fulfil her work obligations as well as care for her husband and daughter. Rarely was there a sufficient amount of credits to pay for all three meals each day, leaving Amalia mal-nourished for the most part of her early youth. Leyra was forced to reconsider Amalia’s future with the Order, eventually concluding that she was no longer fit to look after her.

On 296.18 ABY, Amalia said farewell to her parents on the steps of the Jedi temple. She continued up the stairs sparing a glance back to her crying parents to give them a final wave goodbye. That was the last Amalia ever saw of her mother and father.

Amalia was a disciplined initiate. She was grateful for the quality of the food and living arrangements that the Order offered. This left her feeling fairly guilty at first, after becoming accustomed to a life of poverty. She was also confronted with the complexities of socializing and making friends, since it was the first time she had been around people her own age. Eventually, she managed to form a small friendship group, who would offer each other comfort when the intense training of the Order would become too much for them.

Unfortunately, Amalia began to see much less of her friends when she was taken on to be Master Selura Vark’s apprentice at the age of fourteen, in 300.25 ABY. Master Vark was a Togruta Jedi Knight who recognized Amalia’s potential as a seer, since being one herself.

Amalia and Master Vark were a compatible pair, and trained together cohesively for the duration of the apprenticeship. Amalia found she had a natural attunement to a variety of passive Force techniques, including Psychometry, Telepathy and Empathy. She also became well practised in a number of illusionary techniques. Amalia would often struggle with offensive use of a lightsaber, however she had strengthened her danger senses, allowing for a superior defensive technique.

Master Vark set aside a lot of time to nurture Amalia’s seer side, teaching her how to put her visions into context and offered counselling on how to act in a variety of circumstances. Initially, her visions would only come to her when she was sleeping, but over time Amalia began to see glimpses of the future through deep forms of meditation. Later, she would develop the ability of far sight.

Amalia experienced little field work in her time as Padawan, since Master Vark thought it best to nurture her gifts in the peace and tranquillity of the temple. However, they would venture outside occasionally, mostly limiting their missions and outings to core worlds. Amalia’s time under Master Vark was not completely void of combative situations, but they were minimal. There were few occassions that forced Amalia to harness her lightsaber to aggressively neutralize a situation.

After seventeen years under Master Vark, Amalia was granted the rank of Jedi Knight in 317.16 ABY. Amalia spent a lot of her time meditating and teaching initiates, as a Knight, never really venturing outside the walls of the Temple. She felt peace was essential to maintaining clarity in her visions and that conflict would potentially blind her from future premonitions.

Amalia carried on teaching for several years, sharing Master Vark’s philosophy on Jedi morals and ethics, still keeping in touch with her former mentor regularly. Amalia developed an interest in politics in her knighthood, being enlisted onto several advisory boards for different politicians and political groups. Although her tasks in the Republic senate didn’t consume much of her time, she found her job there very satisfying.

On 320.29 ABY, Master Vark died from natural causes. Initially, Amalia found it hard to forget her, since the halls of the Coruscant temple, where they trained, continually served as a constant reminder of their time together. However, given Master Vark’s committed and staunch training regime, that catered to Amalia’s future as a Seer, she was quickly able to set aside the brief period of emotional turmoil.

Amalia continued with her duties on Coruscant with enthusiasm until she was approached on 321.12 ABY, by High Councilor Sebastin Creed. He had requested her transfer to the Alzoc III branch, claiming that her skills would be desirable at their enclave. Amalia viewed this as a good opportunity for change and agreed to the transfer. She quickly made her way to the Alzoc enclave where she remains to this day.

286.15 ABY – Born
295.16 ABY – Moved to Coruscant
296.18 ABY – Was initiated into the Jedi Order
300.25 ABY – Was taken on as Master Vark’s apprentice
317.16 ABY – Was granted the rank of Jedi Knight
321.13 ABY – Transferred to the Alzoc III branch
325.02 ABY – Promoted to the Jedi Council of the Alzoc III branch
341.28 ABY – Promoted to the High Council of the Order