JEDI HoloNet


Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Unknown

Species: Ferroan


Alyx was only a baby when a ship crew of some sort found him and made the baby their own. Now he is twelve years old and has lived in space ever since. The crew consists of a Nikto named Odgabbych Qugtann, who favorites “Odd”. He is a grumpy man with a big heart. Another is a male Bothan named Nubak Dekosa, who often speaks for the crew. A male Ugnaught named Ziru Snim that spends his time in the kitchen when not working, a female Zabrak named Seki Noktu, combative, energetic and very obnoxious and finally a female human named Vale Celikale, the caretaker of the whole kindergarten and also musician/entertainer. Vale is the one that peer pressured the others into making Alyx one of them. Sometimes smugglers, some other times simple merchants, Alyx has gotten used to the complex life of the “Severals”, name of the crew that Alyx eventually got to know.

Alyx is very calm and shy by nature but one day, the Zabrak teenager Seki was having way too much fun harassing the Ferroan kid, which made him very annoyed and frustrated as he was focused in his work. In a matter of seconds, the dispute ended with a “bonk” and the Zabrak lying on the floor unconscious, with Alyx having no idea what happened as he was still sat down in front of the datapad. As the incident was reported among the crew, it picked a special interest in one of them, one that knew about the intricacies of the Force and had many contacts across the galaxy; and that is how, one day, Alyx found himself marching on the steps of the Jedi temple of Ilum to begin his journey.

The start was complicated, perhaps because the boy was already old enough to have doubts and a shaken confidence, a teenager after all. Eventually, the Jedi ways reached him as he learned much from it, becoming a Padawan at age fourteen. There were details that grabbed the attention of the council about Alyx over the years, such as his strange origins and first whereabouts, his personality, his way of thinking and a growing fondness in combat aspects in his training. Such traits they have seen in the Rannon branch of the Jedi, which is how they concluded that if the Ferroan boy could better himself at greater heights, that would be the perfect place to do so. Alyx did not object to such an idea as he felt rather curious and had his doubts himself. He did not take long to pack little belongings he had and said his farewells. Aboard the transport, he couldn’t help but think that he began another journey entirely…