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Alsanna Imari


Homeworld: Abregado-Rae

Species: Zabrak/Human


Born to a Human father and a Zabrak mother, Alsanna – fondly nicknamed “Alcy” by her father – spent most of her early life in transit. For her infancy, the family lived on Abregado-Rae thanks to her father’s employment in an Electrum mine, but soon had to relocate when he was fired and had to seek work elsewhere. This, too, proved to be only fleeting, driving her parents to cut costs by simply not settling anywhere.

Thus, with no early bonds or ties save those of family, almost all of Alsanna’s memories are of this time spent roaming the Outer rim in her father’s decrepit old freighter. Her mother did her best to teach her in lieu of a formal schooling – a stern curriculum that ingrained the young Alsanna with a perfectionist streak quite quickly, as her mother was the quintessential example of Zabrak pride, and would not accept nor tolerate anything less than her daughter’s best possible performance. Because of this, however, Alsanna came to fear her mother’s scolding, and the relationship between the two quickly became rather strained.

Her father, meanwhile, traded goods from port to port to make ends meet. As he was often busy arranging deals, however, Alsanna quickly ended up conscripted to work alongside her mother to keep things tidy on board, and to prepare meals for the family. She also ended up helping with maintenance, as something new would fall apart every day aboard the old ship, and Alsanna was often the only one small enough to fit into its nooks and crannies to make repairs, guided by her father.

She proved significantly more apt at this second duty than the first, much to her mother’s chagrin. She seemed to have an innate knack for understanding the workings of technology, and sometimes discovered and corrected minor problems that her parents hadn’t even noticed.

This strange “prodigious” tendency only grew more noticeable as she grew older, as she began to follow her father in his work when she didn’t have anything better to do. Much to his consternation, his daughter had a strange tendency to blurt out unexpected predictions or advice, telling him that she had a feeling what his best and worst courses of action might be. Although he largely discounted this advice, coming, as it did, from a child with no experience in the ways of the world, he began to notice over time that she never actually seemed to be wrong whenever she made a claim based, supposedly, on “gut feeling.”

Perhaps he was just superstitious, but his views soon changed, and he began to pay a great deal of attention to Alsanna’s predictions, treating her as a good luck charm of sorts. When she warned him that she had a bad feeling about a specific cargo he was considering purchasing to resale elsewhere, he’d back out of the deal immediately. And, in the rare event that something struck her fancy, he’d buy it up, confident that it would resell at his next destination. He even took her to negotiate with his suppliers, as she seemed keenly aware of exactly how far he could push prices down.

Naturally, this arrangement didn’t last long before her parents became somewhat suspicious, particularly her mother. While her father was perfectly content with the way things were – after all, he got to spend time with his daughter and turn a profit without any risk – Mrs. Imari felt it was degrading for a child to grow up in such an environment without any prospect of self-advancement. So, swayed by his wife’s insistence, her father reluctantly agreed to hand her over to the Jedi for testing.

Through this rather mundane series of events, her force sensitivity was discovered, and she was taken in for training on Ossus. Alsanna herself, however, was somewhat less than thrilled with the arrangement. She’d enjoyed the time she spent with her father, able to do what she pleased and being doted on constantly. However, the rest of the time, she’d always felt stifled, constantly heeding some command or another from her mother. This wasn’t really any different, was it? Once again, she had no choice but to obey, in order to “be the best that she could be” – whatever that was supposed to mean. That much aside, she’d also never had any contact with children her own age before, and, given the drastic difference in the stringency of their upbringing, in most cases she found she had absolutely nothing in common with any of them, and that they were noisy, unpredictable, and… well… childish, something which she herself had never had the luxury of being.

In this situation, then, she didn’t feel as if she had any choice but to press forward. This obligation was one she’d have to obey, just like any other, and it wasn’t like she’d be able to see her father again just by wishing that it was so. So, she did her best to master the admittedly somewhat baffling material with which she was presented, and, at the behest of her instructors, also tried her best to be sociable, with mixed results. Despite her diligence at her studies, her somewhat spiteful and superior attitude made her a problem child of sorts, and she was often lectured on it.

She was Initiated recently despite some misgivings, on the condition that she would be transferred to the Rannon enclave for more personal instruction in the hopes of correcting her attitude. Unfortunately, this hasn’t exactly helped her mood, as it means that once again, she’s being thrust into an unfamiliar place on her own, with no choice in the matter and no option but to cope. Whether or not she does… well, only time will tell.