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Alkaiser Aruladan

Alkaiser Aruladan
Jedi Master - Former High Councilor

Homeworld: Glee Anselm

Mentor(s): None

Species: Nautolan

Padawan(s): Ryn Yuo, Gabe Alkorda, Kero Zen, Jamus Kevari, Asphar Du


During the apex of his Jedi career, Alkaiser was a caustic, unorthodox Jedi, in his training and behavior. When his downturn of behavior and sanity began, his demeanor became even worse—ultimately unfitting of a Jedi.
His abilities lied primarily in Force usage, manifesting in telekinesis, telepathy, the ability to manipulate minds, and uniquely create organic technology and DNA manipulation, some would say in inspiration from the Yuuzhan Vong.


Alkaiser was an artificial Force-sensitive. After being subjected to peculiar experiments by Adarian scientists his skin hue was turned blue, and his midi-chlorian levels increased. He was ostracized from his community on Glee Anselm, and later was captured by slavers.

After escaping he joined the Galactic Freedom Force (GFF), a small organization apart of the Galactic Alliance dedicated to abolishing slavery via tactical means and espionage. Through the efforts of the cell of agents he belonged to the prominent slaver ring known as the Blackfist was destroyed, leaving his cell without purpose, and so it disbanded and each agent went on their own way.

After receiving word of his Force-sensitivity, the Jedi order invited him for training. Having nothing else to do, Alkaiser agreed, hoping for another adventure.
Alkaiser’s Jedi training was standard except for the fact that he never had a formal master. Persevering through his training he became a Jedi Knight.

Alkaiser’s first apprentice was Ryn Yuo, an offbeat boy. Aruladan’s style of training consisted primarily of lectures and discussions, rather lacking in the fields of physical training. Later, Alkaiser took on Gabe Timespanner/Alkorda as another apprentice, and shortly after Ryn resigned from the Jedi order. After moving to the Yavin IV academy, Gabe eventually progressed to knighthood, most likely Alkaiser’s most admired achievement. And during this time, Alkaiser was on the council, eventually receiving the title of Jedi Master.

However, at this point Alkaiser’s behavior began to deteriorate. He had taken Kero Zen, only to fake his own death and disappear for a time. Several years later, he returned, demanding his title back. And ultimately the council agreed to return him to the Jedi order, with the rank of Jedi Knight, to which Alkaiser accepted with some protest.

His behavior worsened over time and seemed to nadir when he took on two apprentices, Asphar Du and Jamus Kevari, only to refuse to train Jamus, not a cycle later. Kevari was eventually moved to Master Ederoi’s tutelage.
Alkaiser’s training with Asphar was harsh and cruel, often teaching lessons that were better left to be explained than executed. Though after a time Alkaiser expressed his intent on leaving, and Asphar Du was moved to Alkaiser’s old padawan, Gabe Alkorda. And upon this, Alkaiser left, but only to return a year later.

After some time, Alkaiser, either in a fit of insanity or perhaps with some clarity, took his own life.

Many remember only his unforgiving, harsh and cruel nature. Though some recall the times when he was a severe, yet proficient mentor and councilor.

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