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Alehk Thol

Alehk Thol
Jedi Master - Former High Councilor

Homeworld: Balamak

Mentor(s): Emilia Carizk*

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Motoko Isawa, Maia Rimora, Wrennin Vae


Babyhood & Infancy

Alehk was born to Heana and Kell Thol on the agricultural world of Balamak. Following birth, he was abruptly retrieved by the Acquisition Division and passed on to the nurseries of Coruscant. Due to the dwindling number of initiates residing on Dantooine, Alehk (among several others) were transferred to the Raioballo sector to inhabit the refurbished facility assembled by the Jedi Order.


Upon approach of his fourth birthday, Alehk began communal lessons within the enclave. Assigned to the initiate clan Esseles, his lessons (as well as most aspects of his day to day life) were shared with many others who would later become Alehk’s closest friends. The most prominent of these relationships was one Alehk shared with a Rodian named Keis Vhu.

Though keen to please, Alehk was not above his childish instincts. A desire for staging pranks (spurred on by his peers) often led to numerous sessions of detention with several of the Jedi Masters. One of the more frequent figures to detain him was the Jedi Master Emilia Carizk, whom through extended contact, determined that his behavioural instruction required a more personal touch.

Jedi Padawan

Selected relatively early by comparison with his former peers, Alehk’s number of close friends soon began to dwindle. Frequently off-world, maintaining social connections became a chore second to study and vigorous training. It was not till mid-way through his teenage years that Alehk’s personal freedom began a sharp increase. Fearing the development of a sense of dependency, Emilia entrusted Alehk to maintain his own studies and development for a time.

New found freedom soon became a double-edged sword as Alehk began touring local settlements and meeting new people. Stricken by a similarly aged resident of Khoonda, he developed an interest in Pazaak, a card game which he hoped would create mutual ground between them. His participation in the games staged locally were permitted begrudgingly. Any victory garnered was met with suspicion, particularly following an incident in which he was found cheating in one of Garang’s most popular cantinas.

Word was soon spread and Alehk quickly stumbled upon a hard time finding welcome at his previous haunts. Word swiftly stretched as far as the enclave, where Alehk was reprimanded without hesitation and detained for several months by the authority of the Jedi Council. Despite his revoked privileges, Alehk soon found a way to dispatch messages, something which was quickly put to use maintaining contact with Lannera Underso, the human girl he’d hoped to befriend. Time in her company became his motivation and so Alehk set about working tirelessly to amend the mistakes previously caught by the Council’s attention. Training with Emilia Carizk resumed its usual pattern, with a reduction in their time secluded together.

Approaching adulthood, Alehk and Lannera were completely involved with one another. Favourably, the pair had managed to maintain a considerable level of discretion regarding their relationship, which lasted for some time. Upon approaching the mature age of 18 however, they were exposed in the presence of Alehk’s master. Although prompt to reprimand Alehk for his actions, Emilia was ultimately sympathetic and thus did not subject Alehk to the mercy of the Jedi Council. This promise was made with the condition that Alehk and Lannera ended their romantic involvement with one another. Reluctantly they complied, although they remained in regular contact.

During the twilight years of his training, Alehk proved himself through numerous struggles and challenges which shaped him into a worthy candidate for Knighthood. His final assignment garnered an interest in the numerous branches of the Jedi Order, in particular, one residing upon a frozen planet in the Outer Rim Territories, Alzoc III. When his training reached completion, Alehk requested his transfer.


290.01 ABY – Birth Date.

295.14 ABY – Initiated in the presence of the Dantooine Council.

299.27 ABY – Alehk Thol is taken as Emilia Carizk’s* Padawan Learner.

310.01 ABY – Knighted in the presence of the Dantooine Council.

310.26 ABY – Transferred from Dantooine to Alzoc III.

314.15 ABY – Motoko Isawa is taken as Alehk Thol’s Padawan Learner.

322.06 ABY – Alehk Thol is granted a seat on the Jedi Council.

332.20 ABY – Wrennin Vae is taken as Alehk Thol’s Padawan Learner.

332.22 ABY – Alehk Thol attains the rank of Jedi Master.

337.17 ABY – Maia Rimora is taken as Alehk Thol’s Padawan Learner.

341.28 ABY – Alehk Thol is granted a seat on the High Council.

350.21 ABY – Alehk Thol is killed.