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Aldor Arkanous

Aldor Arkanous
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Glee Anselm

Mentor(s): Sarrecm'ar'reccarve

Species: Nautolan


Aldor Arkanous was born on the water covered world of Glee Anselm in 259.14 ABY. His parents were both instructors at a university in the Sabilon Region and made it their priority for Aldor to be educated as well. His parents taught him how to swim at an early age and told stories of important nautolan figures to better his understanding of their culture.

Aldor was sent to a local school at the age of four where he improved on his two languages of galactic basic and nautila. Aldor appeared to get along with almost anyone he met and quickly grew to be very social. At times, Aldor put off his studies to go play with his friends but this did not go unnoticed by his parents. Aldor’s mother and father explained to Aldor of his need to be educated and stick his studies, so they set a schedule for him on when to study and when to play. Although Aldor saw his friends less, he obeyed with his parents.

At the age of eight, Aldor left the local school equipped with knowledge further than that of a normal eight year old boy due to constant studying and extra help from his parents. The young nautolan was transferred to another school, and it was here where Aldor would spend his time until he would run into another young nautolan named Rodan. Rodan too went to this school and the two’s similar personalities allowed them to become the best of friends. One thing Aldor especially liked about his new friend was that he always had a story to tell. After one particular class, Rodan told Aldor of a story that had just happened to him a day ago. Rodan explained that the day before he had run into a jedi knight and his young nautolan padawan. Excited to learn more, Rodan asked many questions gathering as much information as he could. As the story of the jedi ended, Aldor appeared confused; he had no knowledge of what a jedi was. Rodan explained what he could of the jedi, and suggested if he wanted to know more he should visit them himself, as they were not far from where they lived. Without asking his parents, Aldor followed Rodan to the small house where the jedi would be residing for the next day.

Once Aldor and Rodan arrived, the jedi knight greeted the two, recognizing Rodan from the day before. Aldor introduced himself as Rodan told the jedi knight if Aldor could ask him a few questions about the jedi order. The knight agreed and gave a back story on the jedi. To Aldor, the jedi seemed like even greater heroes than those of which he heard of when he was younger. Aldor asked the knight how he knew when someone was force sensitive, and the knight smiled. Since Aldor now knew the full story of the jedi, he wondered if he could eventually become one as well. The knight agreed to do a series of tests to see if he indeed was a force sensitive. After a short while the knight concluded that Aldor was in fact a force sensitive. He eventually offered Aldor a chance to come with him to a jedi temple where he would hone his skills and get a chance at being a jedi. Aldor’s face lit up and it seemed like the day could not get any better, but then Aldor thought of his parents and frowned. How could he just abandon them? Aldor begged the jedi to convince his parents to let him go and the jedi agreed.

Aldor led the jedi to his home and Aldor’s mother and father seemed surprised to find a human with their only son. The human explained who he was and how he met Aldor. Aldor’s parents invited the jedi knight into their house as soon as they heard this looking at each other with a look of pure disbelief. The family and the knight sat at a table and discussed various matters regarding Aldor. The talk went on for hours but in the end, the parents came to the conclusion that they would allow Aldor to leave for jedi training.

When the next day came Aldor’s parents both contemplated their decision but in the end agreed that it was the right thing to do. Aldor, with a sad expression said his final goodbye to his mother and father. The whole village seemed to gather around the shuttle watching one of their own leave to start the jedi path. After saying goodbye to his parents Aldor stepped back onto the ramp of the ship spotting Rodan, with this he simply gave a wave and smiled, Rodan did the same. The ship blasted off into space and the knight set a course for Ilum.

Once at the icy planet of Ilum, and fully covered with warming cloths, Aldor and the two jedi left the ship and made their way to the temple. Aldor gazed at the magnificent architecture, but Aldor would only stay long enough to get introduced to a few jedi before receiving the order that he would be transferred to a jedi temple on the world of Yavin 4.