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Alara Meta

Alara Meta

Homeworld: Zeltros

Species: Zeltron


On 276.03 ABY, in Zeltros, Alara was born. Alara Meta, daughter of Gregor Meta and Akira Kelora. Alara Meta was just a normal child with average grades at school, her hobbies included swimming and dancing. Her father was a Painter, he often asked Alara to pose for paintings. Her mother was unemployed. Although her father did not make alot of money, they lived on it. But after 6 years her father’s works no longer sold. They decided to move to a place where more work was available. But by accident, and completely unknown by her parents, Alara was left behind on Zeltros, looking at the cargo ship leaving in the distance, she felt alone. Wandering about, she sneaked into a large ship, in the hope that it would reunite her with her parents. Instead, she ended up in a warzone. A Jedi who was taking part in the war, kept her safe from harm. Eventually moving her to Alzoc 3, thinking it would be safer for her there.

Alara is good at making friends, she’s cheerful, yet somehow feels lonely. She strongly dislikes when people do not believe her, even moreso being ignored. She has the weird urge to look away from someone’s eyes. Now that she is on Alzoc 3, she wants to make her parents proud of her. And maybe later, become someone that can help people have a better future. One of her biggest fears is that she will fail and be left alone, but she believes with her whole heart that she can make it.