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Alanya Sgall

Alanya Sgall
Jedi Knight - Former Voice Councilor

Homeworld: Unknown

Mentor(s): Arkallon, Dixo Xan

Species: Togruta

Padawan(s): Zyrn Maron, Rokran Vuhdar


Wise and caring, Alanya was known for her constant smile and warm demeanor. She was a talented mediator and diplomat as well as formidable with a lightsaber. She was a true Jedi Knight in every sense of the title.


Not much is known about Alanya from when she was young, as most of her personal memories were bad and she mentally blocked them out, permanently. She was kidnapped from her parents on a transport vessel named the Riener when she was two. Shortly thereafter, she contracted a weakened strain of the Coombe Spore disease that kept her bed ridden for nearly a month, and came very close to dieing from it. When she eventually recovered, she was sold off in the black market slave-trade to a local Hutt on Halak’katesh, deep within Hutt Space. After a year or so, she started demonstrating a few Force powers. The Hutt found this as amusing, and decided not to sell her. She had been a slave for the Hutt until she was seven, when she was found and rescued by Alanya Secura during a secret raid on the Hutt’s palace carried out by GA forces. Alanya took her back to Yavin 4 with her, and after a while, sent her to live on Ryloth with her parents while she readied a living place for her in the jungle of Yavin 4, not far from the outside of the Academy’s walls. Young Alanya was so grateful to Miss Secura that she formally adopted her first name as her own. Shortly before being re-assigned to an outpost just beyond the Out Rim, Miss Secura sent for young Alanya to come back to Yavin 4 so that she may properly study the Force with Jedi mentors. For the four weeks that the two were together, Miss Secura was training young Alanya in certain aspects of the Force.

Eventually, however, Secura went her own way for reasons unknown, leaving Alanya Sgall at the Academy on Yavin to perhaps become a Jedi. The Jedi there took care of her, and she was indeed soon initiated into the Order. She grew steadily, especially when she was taken under the wing of Arkallon, a Jedi Knight in those days. The two worked well together, and Alanya saw great progress during those years.

However, Arkallon eventually left the Order for personal reasons, leaving Alanya to continue her training on her own. It wasn’t long, however, before a second Jedi took notice of the promising young Togruta. Jedi Master Dixo Xan proposed to the Council that he take on Alanya’s training, a request that was granted soonafter. Again, Alanya trained and learned a great deal from the Vurk Jedi, but the time came when he too would leave Alanya to her own devices. Not missing a beat, Alanya pressed on, determined to become the Jedi Knight everyone knew she was capable of being. As such, it wasn’t long before she was Knighted by the Council.

The years served her well as she taught students, studied the Force, practiced her lightsaber technique, and even took on two Padawans of her own, Rokran Vuhdar and Zyrn Maron. She was also eventually asked to sit on the Voice Council alongside Gabe Alkorda and Utho Astrocan, a proposal she accepted. She grew and matured even more during those years, and it seemed that her career could only continue upwards.

Tragically, on 248.16, Alanya Sgall was found dead there on Yavin IV. It was a great loss to the Temple, and many mourned her passing. However, as all Jedi know, there is no death, really, and it is known that Alanya Sgall is surely with us always through the presence of the Force.

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