JEDI HoloNet

Alaki Leed

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Kale Thegas, Simus Cnydaria

Species: Nautolan


Born on Coruscant into the Jedi Order, Alaki and his twin brother Kameis were the typical Jedi younglings. They were also your typical twin brothers. Playing jokes on each other, and the staff and Jedi alike. They were inseparable, and eventually a Jedi Master took them on as his Padawans. They learned all they could from their Master, training and sparring, learning the Force and the Jedi Code. They had their falls, and their climbs, as typical as any Jedi, some things came easy, and some were much more difficult for them, and often times, when one of the brothers succeeded, and the other failed, they both worked together until success was with both of them.

Eventually their training brought them out of the Temple more. Helping the poor of Coruscant and assisting with police investigations, they did as their Master ordered. But as any teenagers are, they often rebelled, and snuck out of the Temple to explore and see parts of Coruscant that should not be visited by teenage Jedi.

On one such trip everything seemed to be fine. They made their way out of the Temple, “borrowed” a speeder from the Temple’s hanger and went to explore the town, with no singular goal in mind. Kameis was driving as usual, he was the better piloted of the two, weaving in and out of the traffic lanes and speeding through intersections. The boys were having fun as usual. Until it hit them, a passenger speeder, carrying roughly 20 people. The impact connected right on the passenger side of the speeder, right where Alaki was sitting. Their speeder crumpled, and fell rapidly to a deck below. With both Jedi knocked unconscious, neither were aware of what was happening now. The speeder hit the deck in a shower of shrapnel and sparks, and the two Nautolans waited unconsciously for help.

Several days later Alaki emerged from his drug induced coma. He felt empty and afraid, for the first time in his life. His right arm had been severally damaged in the initial impact, now fixed with cybernetic implants, and several of his head-tails were also terribly scarred and damaged. His brother Kameis, was not as lucky. The speeder impacted on the deck on its driver’s side, causing Kameis to be almost crushed completely by the weight. He died on his way to the infirmary.

Alaki knew as soon as he woke up that he was gone, his twin brother now with the Force.

His Master was there at his side, shaken and unable to control himself from the loss of one Padawan and almost the loss of another. Alaki spent the next several cycles in rehabilitation, trying to regain lost strength and an even worse grip on existence. His strength returned to normal, but the loss of his brother still pains him. Unable to deal with the constant reminder around him, Alaki put in a transfer to the Alzoc Temple, hoping to escape from the immediate pain and to continue his training.