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Akuma Krynn

Akuma Krynn
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

Mentor(s): Phoe Nhix

Species: Human


Born on Nar Shaddaa, she would work for a Crime Lord in the greedful underworld of the smuggler’s moon. Akuma ended in the man’s ‘care’ after her parents left her with him, or so he says…

One day, young Krynn would discover a way to leave behind this mesirable life, but in order to do so, she would have to acquire a particular, and important, item, which was in the Crime Lord’s possession.

Aided by her young size, she could acrobatically steal the item without being noticed, or caught red-handed. Though, it wouldn’t take long before the Baron figures out the miss-placed item disapearance. Which happened only a few minutes after Akuma hit the ground running with it.

As soon, the call was sent : bring the item back – the girl is… ‘optional’.

Persuied accros the city by the Baron’s thugs, Akuma made a fateful turn, which led her knocking herself into the legs of a strange looking man.

Looking down on her, as he helped her back up on her feet, he would notice the fears, the hopes in this youngster. He then heard shouts and blaster shots from down the alley. The girl would jump in terror, hidding behind the stranger, who she would suddently trusts – something that had yet to happen in her whole life.

“Move aside, if you know what’s good for you!” shouted one man.

Surprised by this chain of event, the man took a fraction of second to think, knowing if he went into combat againts the thugs, the kid would be in danger. Rising his hand, the man said, in a deep, convincing voice

“This isn’t the young girl you are looking for.”

Stoping their course short, one of the thug nearly fell… While scratching their heads, not fully understanding the depth of the situation, the strange man would speak again.

“Everything is alright, you may dismiss.”

One of them, their boss apparently, then shouted, as if he was facing the most terrible monster that could ever live

“A JEDI!! Let’s get out of here!!”

As the men ran away, the man would turn and lower himself to his new-found friend. In a bright smile, in the dark streets of Nar Shaddaa, lightning the skies in Akuma’s eyes, as if he would just have turned on all the stars of the Galaxy, the man introduced himself.

“Hello, my young friend… I am Phoe Nhix… and you are? ”

Jedi Knight Phoe Nhix would return to Coruscant with the youngling for Jedi testing. To his belief, she was one strong in the Force, making her able to steal the object from the Baron in the first place.

The Council had audiance with the young child, and after little talk, welcomed her to the Jedi Order. She would then undergo training, learning the ways of the Force, so that one day, she would become one of the Order’s light… a Jedi Knight.

As each day is one step closer to this goal, one was an even more greater step. Akuma Krynn was requested attendance to a Council Session, then formed of Master Shimi Zaki, Axem Keigoku and Alkaiser Aruladan. It felt strange to also see long time friend Phoe Nhix standing there, with an even larger smile than she had seen.

Jedi Knight Nhix had requested Akuma as his Padawan learner, so he may teach her all he learned while in his own training, and beyond. The Council agreed, and the two were paired. Learning from each other, Akuma Krynn is now indeed in good hands.

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