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Aknaross Myotis

Aknaross Myotis
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Wayland

Mentor(s): Corinth Alkorda, Nivek Tholmai

Species: Echani

Padawan(s): Ametha Tasia


Aknaross Myotis, pertaining to the race of the Echani, endowed with the culture on martial arts, natural of Wayland, son of two best fighters of his race, which had after given to Aknaross for adoption, after series accusations that had occurred inside of their clan.

The Echani used to live a long time in Thyrsus, know as the cradle of the Sun Guards, who had preserved the Echani culture. However, many years later, the Echani had to immigrate for other planets, decurrently of the rivalries with Mandalorians, and after the instauration of the galactic empire.

In Wayland, a small group of Echani installed, had been reorganized in a clan, in intention to improve their abilities with the martial arts, to draw out and to preserve their culture. The parents of Aknaross had been the last two better examples of its culture, until the present. As know of Echani’s custom, they know better other one after a duel, where really, the other for the corporal language of its movements is known. Thus the parents of Aknaross had known themselves.

After a series of interventions of other species in the clan of the Echani, the parents of Aknaross had been given as treasonous of its culture, when they were being accused to show its art for other peoples. They had been dishonored for its people and they had decided that there, they would not have to live more. Aknaross was given for adoption so that to learn everything about his species culture. He grew learning everything that could of the Echani and decided to leave in a trip for the galaxy, in order to find a reason for his existence. It was not felt sad or rejected for that it was succeeded of its past, but had a strong desire of being useful and recognized for others with intention to become his name and legacy stronger.

He left for diverse planets of the galaxy, where in each one of those, Aknaross searched to assist families in its domestic works. Asking for nothing in exchange, Aknaross never carried through such services, he just did it with the simple intention to give an objective for his life, without knowing if really it was this destination to which he was predestined.

He had difficulties with languages, therefore the only language that he dominated completely was the Echani dialect of his people, of remain, he knew well little. Living a life been a wanderer, Aknaross always tried to go the deep on some questions that the life had left to him. Although he was humble to admit, Aknaross seemed very with his parents, his art is extremely perfected, however he never demonstrated it for commercial ends or exhibitions. He believed that his training was exclusively for survival, and in rare cases a way to know the next one.

Although it was not part of its culture, Aknaross always was interested in popular stories. The ones that more fascinated him were the Jedis stories which read on their adventures and the strong presence of the same ones, as maintainers of the peace in the galaxy. It never had met a Jedi, therefore everything what he knew on the same ones, was interpreted as history, or either, that it belonged to the past. He absorbed much thing of the Jedis, and as wanderer tried to represent the profile of a Jedi. However never he understood what it was Force, this one a great foundation for all the Jedi culture.

On his sixteen years old, traveled town to town, planet to planet, keeping his selfless profile of being. In one of his trips, he landed in Yavin IV, where he sighted a huge construction. All its architecture was very similar to the old Jedis academies, but for its height and structure, it seemed the famous temples of the Order. Aknaross Myotis walked the way since the space-port where the freighters landed until that huge structure, through the forest, where he discovers there to be a famous temple of the Jedi Order.

Aknaross became a student of the philosophy of the Jedi, almost a year after his arriving, on 251.22. During his first years at the enclave, he learned about the Force, he so look forward on the past years. Learning the lightsaber arts, how to deal with the elegant weapon and when not to use became his routine, as well as understand the way the Jedi use the knowledge they gain through the many years of training and learning, to become a Jedi Knight.

Aknaross discovered to be on the path of the Consulars, what was a surprise for him, once he was previously trained on the Echani arts, would be expected he would continue his training with martial arts and improve his abilities with weapons, now the lightsaber, what would step him into the Guardian’s path. Anyway, such discover was lead by the sympathy with the Force he gained through meditations. Which methods were firstly taught by Jedi Knight Asphar Du.

Each meditation, Aknaross was leaded to new life he never imagined before. The long way of becoming more attuned to the Force have shown him that he cans performance many abilities with the Force, for the body and mind improvements. Became a learner of telekinesis on early years of his training what seems to be a proficiency of him.

Five years later he was placed on The Vornskr clan, a padawan clan, among Iverian Prey, Blavek Araven and Sebastin Creed. Another padawan clan was created with several other students from his time, known as The Bantha clan. And for his surprise, a couple years later he was being taken as padawan learner of Jedi Master Corinth Alkorda. With a lot of enthusiasm, Aknaross start to learn the Jedi way from a truly Jedi now. Master Alkorda was guiding Aknaross to a new stage of his training, beginning with a new method to communicate with the Force. Through this Aknaross achieved much more of his capacity on meditation, as well as a user of the Force.

Unfortunately, few years after he was placed under master Alkorda’s wing, the same had to leave on absence, on duty from his homeworld Corellia. This took two years from Aknaross, and not allowed to accompany his master, he waited anxiously for his return. So, master Alkorda came back to continue Aknaross’ training, teaching him new skills, not just Jedi’s but many from himself. Things that only master Alkorda could do it at that time. But the duties of a Corellian citizen have called him again. What was predicted by both one day master Alkorda start to arrange for the future of his last padawan.

On their last meeting, Corinth handed-down his lightsaber, the Tranquilos, as a gift for Aknaross. Also put him in charge to take care of his tauntaun, Laayla. But the most unexpected was master Alkorda leading Aknaross’ training to his former padawan, Jedi Knight Nivek Tholmai. After this last decision they said goodbye. Seems that saddens Aknaross for a while, but he was exciting to meet his new mentor.

And now a year after this event, as a padawan learner of master Tholmai, Aknaross started a new step of his training, showing some progress in just one year. Aknaross continued to work hard, and on 269.09 he was Knighted by the Jedi Council.