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Aisha Varik

Aisha Varik

Homeworld: Ord Pardron

Species: Zabrak


Aisha is the oldest daughter of Jenna and Mal Varik, two New Republic veterans of the Imperium War. When the conflict came to its conclusion circa 350 ABY, both were posted to the Ord Pardron sector defence outpost, where they have remained up to this day.

Within their first year on Ord Pardron, Aisha was born. She attended a local school and shared her free time with a handful of close friends each day in the years that followed.

Shortly before her seventh birthday, a representative of the Jedi Order approached two families with children showing promising signs of Force sensitivity. Jenna had worked closely with other members of the Jedi Order in previous campaigns and Mal had always held the Jedi in high regard. The discussion was brief and before long, Aisha was bound via starship to the closest Jedi Praxeum, based on the humble world of Rannon in the Instrop sector.


350.01 ABY – Birth Date.

357.21 ABY – Aisha Varik is initiated.