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Aiorra Thane


Homeworld: Corellia

Species: Human


Aiorra Thane was born 358.16 ABY on the planet of Corellia in the capital city of Coronet. Her father, Lui Thane, and mother, Daina Thane, served in the Republic military during the Imperium War, and spent a large amount of time after retiring exploring the galaxy before finally settling on Corellia and having her older brother Axos and eventually Aiorra.

Aiorra and Axos lived a normal middle class life, attended private school, etc. Despite her youth, Aiorra gravitated to Axos’ friends, being an old soul. While she is no way advanced insofar as her intelligence, she feels more comfortable around people older than herself (boys in particular) and is definitely an extrovert. Her brother picked on her as most brothers do, but it was always playful in nature.

Shortly after Aiorra’s seventh birthday, her father and mother called her down to the family room as they usually did when supper was ready. However, they weren’t alone. A cloaked man was sitting on the couch across from them. The man was a Jedi Knight. Her parents explained that she was to be trained as a Jedi. She vaguely heard of the Jedi before, but the Jedi Knight clarified further, saying Jedi protect and serve the galaxy and the Force. Her parents knew of her Force-sensitivity upon her birth, as it is mandatory for midichlorian counts in the Republic for newborns, but they wished to spend time with their daughter before sending her away.

Aiorra refused to leave, wanting to remain with her mother, father, brother, and pet fish Jimmy, but her parents convinced her otherwise. Aiorra always dreamt of being a police officer, firewoman, a hero, and through Jedi training, in a way, she would become that. And, of course, having the capacity to finally pick on her brother and torment him as he did to her. After leaving Corellia, the Jedi Knight took Aiorra to the Ossus Temple as the Jedi Council decided which of the Order’s facilities she would be sent. Following a few days, it was decided that Aiorra would be sent the Jedi Praxeum of Rannon, where she will be reviewed and, if accepted, undergo her training.