JEDI HoloNet

Aiden Kezeron

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Naboo and Cathar

Mentor(s): Keth Flynn

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Maeve Lothaire, Lystra Hale


On the planet of Cathar, a boy named Aiden was brought into this world by the young couple of Sazra Us’loa and Unmi Kezeron. The boy received the the last name of his father while his mothers last name was bestowed on him as his middle. The two were dockworkers on the planet, and although it wasn’t so hard for humans to get around on Cathar, they still weren’t high living. Aiden was pretty much carried around the docks until he could walk, always wanting to get in a ship and fly off ever since he was little; it took five years for him to finally realize it was a pretty dangerous thing to run around the docks willy-nilly once his parents had scolded him enough and had some friends watch him after work. Aiden usually had Cathar babysitters when his parents worked busy nights on ships, and they’d always teach him a little something about the language. He’d laugh at the way they’d growl and roll their r’s at him, though he started to learn from it as well; well enough to even speak some of it. As he grew his mind was very focused on the stars, his dad would bring him a few bolts and screws from work sometimes to help him with making a little toy ship. Life was normal, sometimes Aiden was even lucky enough to explore a few cockpits. Aiden’s parents were soon re-assigned to the planet of Naboo as their new work area. Aiden wasn’t to sad about leaving, he did miss his sitters however and the lessons they taught him on how to speak in their native tongue. Aiden had arrived on Naboo at the age of six.

Naboo was actually way less bustling than Cathar, it sort of made him a bit restless, even though the interior was a lot more gorgeous to look at. Aiden had actually been able to go to schooling as well. His life was looking up a lot, until two years later nearly his eight birthday even, something happened. Aiden had felt something odd while he was in the docks playing with his model of a fighter, it was a strange warm like feeling. He’d stand up to look around, a little bit bothered as work was just going on all normal like. Suddenly a man, as seen by his very tall stature came to stand before the young boy. He was so tall compared to him, and had no idea if he was in trouble or if he just got a sitter like the other times. The man seemed more interested in talking to the boy, nothing really strange until Jedi were mentioned. Aiden didn’t really know much about the jedi besides the name alone, in both basic and Catharese. Though he did remember some Cathar saying things about being great; but he didn’t know what was all that great, the didn’t even say anything after that, just that they were great.

The Jedi Knight started to talk of the Jedi, and eventually showed him the hilt he carried on his belt. He learned it was called a lightsaber, and that Jedi carry these as tools and weapons to defend others. Aiden didn’t know why he was being told all this until the question popped that if he wanted a chance at being one. He was a little shy and embarrassed by the question; what did he know about being great, or defending, he just sat around on the docks and went to school sometimes. Aiden didn’t have much of an answer, but the Knight had persisted that he’d meet his parents and then talked to the boy again. He was asked the question once more, and had a glimpse of the outside from the docks. It was just open sky, very opportune to fly in. His mind had thoughts of adventure, he thought, if Jedi go around defending people, maybe they live a life of adventure as well.

His childish head would nod yes, and his mother nearly cried out, with a smile following. Aiden had no idea what was going to happen next; to never see his parents like he always does after work was going to take some getting used to, but he thought if he could ever see them again he would. He promised that once he got the chance to fly to Naboo, or wherever they moved to, he’d see them again as well as the old Cathar sitters.