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Aidan Skyward


Homeworld: The Ageira

Species: Echani


Theraga Lsu and Keveak Ipsis were two Echani from Eshan itself, both of the latest generation of two great houses. Rather than serving the requisite military service, as their families did, the two invested in a personal freighter – a Wayfarer-class medium transport they dubbed the Ageira, which they planned to use to chart undiscovered sectors in the Galaxy.

This “reckless abandonment” of their expected duties angered their parents, and so both Theraga and Keveak lost their surnames. In a rather swift and bitter retaliation, the couple took up a new surname – Skyward – in honor of their chosen occupation.

Not long after, the two spacers welcomed a third into their midst (in this they were, perhaps, lucky that they had the foresight to include a medical bay on their ship): a boy they named Aidan. While they knew that the depths of uncharted space were hardly the ideal place to raise a child, it was their only income. When Theraga looked back upon their decision to continue charting, she may have thought it selfish; but it was the decision they made, and no amount of regret can change that.

Aidan Skyward, once past his toddler stage, was immediately enlisted in menial tasks – cleaning, cooking, keeping up the ship. His parents were lucky enough to have a quantum comm terminal with a prestigious university set up, thanks to a particularly impressive system discovery. Through this terminal, Aidan took his daily lessons; and, when his lessons and chores were complete, his mother and father would instruct him in Echani martial arts (after all, just because he left a noble house doesn’t mean he wasn’t raised in one).

Shortly before Aidan’s twelfth birthday, during a routine hyperspace jump, a set of coordinates was miscalculated. This caused the ship to graze a meteor upon exiting hyperspace, tearing a gash through the hull. Unfortunately, Aidan’s father, Keveak, was ripped out of the breach and into deep space before the shields could reinstate an atmosphere.

Aidan and his mother were devastated. Such an unexpected tragedy caused Theraga to fully realize how dangerous deep-space exploring is. She took the ship to be repaired on Coruscant, as well as give the news of her husband’s demise to the Grand College. Since the professors at the College were dear friends and colleagues, Theraga requested that her son be cared and provided for, and left a moderate sum of money to the College as payment. After saying her goodbyes, Theraga Skyward left Coruscant alone to chart the stars, leaving her son Aidan to his fate with the College.

A few cycles after arriving at the College, a Jedi Knight by the name of Coren Ran appeared at the College on business. He would soon depart the Jedi Temple to join the Enclave at Alzoc III. Knowing this, he had stopped to give his farewells, as he had lectured several times at the College medical school. Here he met Aidan, and sensed a future with the Jedi for the young Echani. After speaking with the College, as well as Aidan’s mother through a quantum commlink, it was decided that Aidan would accompany the Jedi to Alzoc III, where he would begin learning the ways of the Force…