JEDI HoloNet

Ahsha Lorennis


Homeworld: Thustra

Species: Sephi


A child like any other. If you asked me, good Masters, that is how I’d describe the young Sephi, Ahsha Lorrenis. Unremarkable in so many aspects, as to pass unnoticed by us whose duty weights down our shoulders. Why then do I send this emergency message?

It was in 410.01 that I visited the Lorrenis Estate, in Thustra. A purely social visit, on the behest of a good friend Adamos Lorrenis, whose help and trust has been a great boon during my years as a watchman.

It was there that I met the child, Asha. Fifth out of seven, the little lady was attending her father’s table with her siblings. A young girl, no more than six, a spitting image of her mother, but not unlike her brothers and sisters. Raven-haired and of amethyst eyes, she was just one more Lorrenis kid.

Even her demeanor was within expectations. Curious as a child, but not extremely so. Laughing and shouting, but always within civil limits. She presented herself properly, as taught by her mother, but made no impression positive or negative.

And yet, even from her first arrival, I had a hunch. That gut feeling that remains in the outskirts of consciousness, present enough to raise the hair of your neck. I found myself turning my focus to her activities time and time again, a subtle feeling of apprehension pulling my attention from matters more pleasant.

When the quake came during the later hours of my visit, there was reasonable panic. While it was not significant enough to cause damage, the house was full of objects that could easily fall and injure anyone.

And it was in front of my eyes that such an object fell. A beautiful crystal Krayt dragon, standing on top of the shelf adoring the eastern wall of the living room. And it would land on top of the young girl.

Instincts kicked in, and I went to push away the dangerous object. And yet, I saw the girl cover her eyes, and instinctively move just enough to be away from it. My push still made certain no shards would endanger anyone, but the greater danger had already passed.

It is easy to assume that the child stood lucky. That I read too much into these events, and it was simply a turn of fate, not unlike countless events happening each day. But my instincts said otherwise, and I am certain that, for the tiniest of moments, I felt the will of the Force enacted.

It is in this light of these events that I suggest a possible investigation of force-sensitivity for the girl. I have attached all her files, and informed her parents about the possibility. While they are not happy about it, they agreed without causing any issue. And in the event she is not force-sensitive, they will be all too happy to have their daughter back.

Whatever the case is, I will gladly assist in the investigation.

– Jedi Knight Kno’rath, Watchman