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Ahkro Cerinla

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Thyrsus

Species: Thyrsian


Ahkro Cerinla was born on Thyrsus, the homeworld of the Fair Echani’s counterparts, the Thyrsians. Ahkro is fifteen years old. He was more or less discovered by a Jedi Knight passing through the Thyrsian capital.
He is a faraway descendant from one of the revolutionary leaders of the Bengali uprising. Although this was always remembered in his family, he was never excessively devoted to honoring his past, retaining an outward view on the Galaxy. His interests, as many of the Echani’s race, govern personal combat nearly foremost. As almost a contradiction, he has an affinity for botany, spending hours in the botanical gardens close to his homestead.
His father was a teacher at the local academy, his mother a doctor in the hospital two blocks down. Although his nature is one of an eager fighter, he always seemed repulsed by the sight of blood, as sometimes, he would go with his mother, her attempt to stir his plans for the future, as they seem non-existant. He would seem perfectly content spending his time as a gardener. The kindness of his heart and the eager to fight seemed to contradict the ideas of most humanoid species, although it was a cultural development for the Echani.
He met the Jedi in the botanical gardens, engaging conversation. Something within the boy prompted the Knight to recommend Ahkro to apply himself to the Jedi on Coruscant. – “An enlightened future, mother, bright as the sun.” “You’re foolish, Ahkro,” said his father. His mother shot his father a sharp glance, then her eyes softened as they turned back to behold her son. She got up and hugged him tightly. “Whatever will make you happy, that was always the point,” she said quietly. His father sighed softly, but eventually smiles. “Imagine, Ilona, a Jedi in our family line.” “That’s not why I’m doing this.” “I know…” – Eight days of preperations passed before he shipped out on the earliest transport. Arriving on Coruscant, he was soon processed and eventually shipped through to Alzoc III for evaluation.
Ten years it had been since Ahkro Cerinla was initiated into the Jedi Order. The night of this anniversary brought a vision too powerful to ignore. It played in his head hours after he had awoken, even during the spars which would become his last with members of the Jedi Order. He left a small note to his closest friend, Motoko Isawa, written on old paper from his homeland, together with the leather pouch containing his first lightsaber crystal.
He used his free leave to the Capital to leave the enclave with his belongings, eventually bartering for passage to his home-world, Thyrsus.
The Force worked in mysterious ways for Ahkro. Away and back again. The new knowledge he had obtained would aid his people in the days to come.
Not involving themselves.