JEDI HoloNet

Agitt Tanwa

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Rodia

Mentor(s): Sasha Raven, Coren Ran

Species: Rodian


Agitt is not an ordinary Rodian, beside his rare skin color, he also has a unique personality. He is not aggresive nor impulsive, like Rodians are thought of. He was crazy about hollow honor and never urged to fight anyone. He has a rather peacful and philosophical nature.

His family, parents and an older sister, still live on Rodia, both of his parents being representatives of a minor corporation, they never lacked money for any of their needs. However Agitts parents position caused them to be away from home almost at all times, except for meeting their son only once per a couple of months for a short dinner, which was treated more like a formality than anything else and traditional, brief hunting lessons gave him by his father. Due to that Agitt and his sister have been looked after and brought up by a couple of native Corelians hired by their parents. This is the reason why the Rodians primary language is basic and why he behaves more like a human specie than a native Rodian. Through his life, not having many Rodian friends due to his differences, Agitt never grew much attached to neither his parents, nor guardians. The only person he ever cared about and looked up to, was his sister and later on, her little daughter.

At the age of 15 Agitt decided to attend a History University on Rodia. He studied there for almost two years, spending most of his time in the libraries and archives he started wondering about the Jedi Order. Researching the matter he finaly found an essay which briefly explained what force sensetivity meant. Remembering the fact that he’s always had a good intuition, at crucial times good reflex as well and weird dreams that seemed to him to be glimpses of events that were yet to happen, after long contemplations of the idea, he decided to leave the university before finishing the second year and prepared for the journey.

Taking the first interplanetary flight in a public shuttle, Agitt went to Coruscant to seek out the Jedi Temple there. The task didn’t proove to be as hard as he initialy thought. Despite the, slightly horrific to him, image of Coruscant, after a couple of days he finaly found what he was looking for. It took him another couple of days of gathering courage and at last he managed to contact the Temple through a message. The very next the he received a reply with lots of questions he had to answer, after a couple of such exchanges he awaited another answer for a week. The final message contained detailed instructions about where to get a specific shuttle which would take him to Yavin IV Praxeum.

Once he arrived on the jungle moon of Yavin IV, he contacted the Council of The Temple and awaited their decision on the matter of his initiation. He was informed about the disadvantage of his age. The Order usualy accepted much younger students, however The Order wasn’t unknown to to having older students accepted as well.

While awaiting the decision, he was getting to know the temple, the members of The Order and was finding out more about how the Jedi live and who they realy are, which was a bit different from the picture the ordinary galaxy imagined.

After a while, which brought him many experiences, and taught him quite a bit already, The Council interviewed Agitt personaly and decided to give him one of a kind chance to become a part of The Order.
On 278.14 he took his first steps on the path of the Jedi.