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Aelon Besarat

Aelon Besarat
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Glee Anselm

Mentor(s): Wrennin Vae

Species: Nautolan



Aelon was a Force-sensitive Nautolan whom was born on 330.27 to his birthparents Kia and Osric; two rather unfortunate individuals always lacking credits whom resided on the Nautiloid homeworld of Glee Anselm. Raised through the early stages of the amphibious race’s metamorphosis his parents decided they could not take care of a child if they could barely support themselves, around his six birthday the family of three traveled to Coruscant where they placed him under the care of an orphanage where he stayed for two years. Slowly growing up in an orphanage was not the worst thing in the galaxy nor was it the best thing, the biggest issue for him was attempting to figure out why his parents had left him here and when they were returning. These thoughts however were swiftly dispatched when the Velmorians Aliliyana and Kranes had come to visit the orphanage and met the Nautolan. Sympathetic to his plight, Aliliyana convinced her husband and the future father of Aelon to decide on the Nautiloid as well. With some consideration and what seemed like babbling to the young Nautiloid, they had adopted Aelon and after a fun day around the upper-class districts of Coruscant they went home to Velmor; a place that would soon simply be referred to as ‘home’ by Aelon.

His life on Velmor was that of a comfortably upper-middle class family but was without a doubt strict, aside from the typical woes of childhood such as bedtimes and eating one’s vegetables, Aelon also had to comply with the ideals of his mother; she stressed education and proper social decorum, purchasing two TTS-15 droids to provide a private and more intensive educational routine for the young Nautolan. While his new parents were often away due to work the two education droids served as his tutors whilst his older siblings provided more nurturing roles, his brother often reading stories to him of various battles in history and his sister cooking vaguely Nautolan dishes as best as possible with the limited knowledge she could gather.

Around 341.05 ABY his life took a rather sharp and abrupt change when his father’s diplomatic mission to Aquaris was cut short when the diplomat’s ship was boarded and then subsequently presumed to be lost with all hands. His sister, an aspiring diplomat, had been aboard the ship with their father and was presumed to be dead which caused a shift in Aelon’s previous cheery behaviour to a more solemn and quiet one. Because of the lessened income of the family, the Nautolan’s older brother decided to join the military on his own whim to lessen the cost of living for their mother; much to her protest, along with the tutor droids they had to sell the family house; trading a small country home on the foothills of Tol Velmoc for an apartment in one of the residential districts of Den Velmor. From there, Aelon was sent to a public school which was where the realization of just how alien he was compared to the Humans around him had set in, the questions about his parents, the questions about his appearance, comments, nicknames, a slurry of events that culminated into a rather self-conscious child. During a party hosted by his mother, the natural empathic abilities of his species flared up in minute quantity as his first set of empathic tendrils began to function, causing quite a scene due to his confusion, he began regretting and attempting to subvert the empathic nature of his species by spending more time alone and refraining from speaking on them.

Beginning of Jedi Life

On 342.15, he was visited by a Jedi Knight known as Shaok Panek whom explained that he had been sweeping the Mandalorian Sector for possible Force Sensitives. Initially denied entry by Aelon’s adoptive mother, she later reconsidered her position after Aelon had slipped out of the apartment and followed the Jedi for a couple of hours before being confronted and then returned home. After lengthy debate, Aliliyana decided that it was in his best interest to be taken from Velmor and trained as a Jedi; at the very least to be in a place where he felt more at home. After arriving on Rannon and made a Hopeful of the Rannon Praxeum, Aelon immediately went to work on his new form of studies with the new found knowledge found in even the most basic levels of the Archives.

330.27 ABY – Born
343.01 ABY – Initiated into the Jedi Order
343.16 ABY – Apprenticed to Wrennin Vae