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Aella Boyan


Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

Species: Human


Born to two smugglers on Nar Shaddaa, Aella’s parents wanted nothing more than for her to become something more than a struggling smuggler. They were off planet frequently, working as much as they could to save up and relocate, however; that left Aella on her own on the streets much of the time. Frequently picked on for her ‘boring human’ traits and scrawny stature. It wasn’t until her pre-teen years that her force-sensitive abilities became apparent in violent retaliations.

Worried for her well-being and overall just wanting the best for her, Aella’s parents reached out to the nearest Jedi temple and informed them of her out-lashes. A knight was dispatched to retrieve her, to which her parents and Aella herself agreed to her going.

Though she hadn’t given her much opportunity for it before, Aella seemed to be rather studious when it came to learning the ways of the Force – though she seemed rather challenged when it came to interacting with others. What was more so skepticism about fitting in was perceived as vanity to a few of the other students which ended up with a few instances of headbutting – sometimes quite literally.

After so many instances, there was a particular ‘sparring tournament’ where Aella (for some reason) agreed to take on three other students at once, after several rounds and under the advisement of a mentor – she refused to give up even though she was clearly wearing down. “I can do this all day,” Ended up being almost two hours before she practically passed out. The general consensus amongst the knight body ended up being that it was probably best for Aella to attempt to focus her studies elsewhere.