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Aekram Bokrue


Homeworld: Kuat

Species: Zabrak


Aekram grew up in a relatively normal home, to regular parents. His parents were both factory workers who provided for him as best as they could. He was the youngest child with two other siblings, who he would spend most of his time with when not attending school.

He was a bright boy, though didn’t ever appear to care too much about his education, and enjoyed being outside more than sitting through his classes. He managed to fit in with most other children around his age and would come to have a large group of friends at school. Whilst not being overly concerned with his education, he still managed to progress well in his early years.

Aekram was scouted for potential Jedi training during a routine medical examination held for his year level. It was determined that he had the potential for Jedi training, and his parents were promptly contacted.

His parents were troubled at the prospect of losing a child, however they were also understanding of what Aekram could achieve, and after deliberating, decided that Aekram should leave to be tested further by the Jedi to see if he was indeed suitable to begin training.

This decision brought about a great deal of emotions for the young Zabrak, while he was excited at what life could bring, he was equally nervous and uncertain of leaving his family, friends and home behind to begin this new life set out in front of him. After a little persuasion from his two parents, he reluctantly left with the Jedi.

The boy was sent to the temple of Ossus, where he was assessed as suitable. After being initiated, the Council of Ossus determined that his training should be carried out at the Rannon Praxeum and as quickly as he had arrived, he was shipped off to begin his new journey.