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Homeworld: Firrerre

Species: Firrerreo


In the wake of a discarded planet, forsaken by its antecedent powers and political reign—Firrerre, yet somehow waged onward with its select kindred. The remaining colonies branched into their individual clans, unified by a synod of their leaders. The dignitary of the “Asier” clan, named ZELOPHEAD furthered the clan’s prosperity within the southern hemisphere of Firrerre. ZELOPHEAD sought to unify the clans of the western fraction of the desolate world, in hopes of insuring a treasurable lineage to his once victimized race. The high-spirited luminary proposed marriage to the western dignitary’s daughter, JALEL, signifying the absorption of the west and fifth wind.

ZELOPHEAD and JALEL begat HJALMAR, the subsequent bearer of his father’s promising ideology. HJALMAR thus begat ATHOL, who lived for seventy years and three cycles. ATHOL begat NAVIN, who lived for thirty years and two days. NAVIN begat ERADAGHT. ERADAGHT was well-exalted for his triumph over the conflict between the northern radicals that lasted nine years and eight cycles. ERADAGHT lived for yet another ten years before he begat sons and daughters. GAITALE, ERADAGHT’s youngest and final son, begat HARYN who ensued a long-winded age of pacification amidst the seven winds. HARYN then begat ROVI, who had many sons and daughters. The eldest of whom, named MABON begat his own son, AITOR.

Firrrere, while deep-rooted in its persisting resurgence, still remained a “wasteland” compared to its long gone glory. AITOR, born in the year 256 ABY, became an adherent for the chamber of the winds. The prominent “Asierian” sought to strengthen and empower the ties between the detached factions. His efforts were in vain due to an unforeseen disruption, resulting in a shift of order. AITOR was removed from his secretarial chair as a bureaucratic contest of power arose. After his political dissension, AITOR begat MELEK, with his wife NEKANE.

MELEK, although falling short of the “prominence” his ancestors once held, prospered in more of a domestic aspect. MELEK, unlike his father before him, became an artisan within his clan. While dignified in his trade, he pursued more simple means of living. MELEK wed his wife, KAIDA, in the year 310. As the quiet man manufactured fine leather, he built a stable income for his wife and himself. Furthermore, the couple was able to conceive their first-born child, “Aaelym”, born on 314.7. The child, mostly nurtured by his mother while his father waged onward with his craft, grew to be a kind-hearted child. Aaelym contemplated things most didn’t at his age, while still remaining true to the spirit of childhood. His father, who Aaelym held highly dignified despite his common trade, taught him the laws of respect. Aaelym would often share his belongings with his lesser-privileged friend within his clan. Often watching the child interact with his friends, Melek and his wife Kaida knew the child was special, but couldn’t exactly touch their finger to how or why.

The laws of the Asierian clan were strict, but their pride over their race out-weighed their withdrawn and introverted society. Once every ten years, a Jedi Knight was allowed to visit the winds in order to select particular children for service in the Order. This selection was often distinguished as grandeur to the Firrerreo. While the young child was the cornerstore of his parents’ hearts, they sought the arrival of the Order’s emissary—a middle-aged knight named “Maath Ferobo”. Along with a handful of children, Aaelym was selected by the Knight to be sent to an order for further assessment. While the ten-year-old boy stepped afoot into the unknown, his parents entrusted the Knight with his path. As the children were allocated amongst the Jedi Orders, the golden-hued child was sent to the cold and wintry planet of Alzoc III—equipped with his parents’ hope and his own.