JEDI HoloNet

Hal Agdorin


Homeworld: Dantooine

Species: Human


Hal was born on Dantooine to a comfortable and relatively well-off family. His father comes from a long and proud bloodline of native-born farmers. His mother is the child of an Imperial officer and a Jedi reported as “Killed in Action” during an undisclosed mission over Stenos around 15 years prior to Hal’s birth. In spite of this direct connection to the Jedi Order, the Agdorin family has little (if any) interactions with the Dantooine Enclave. If anything, they seemed to prefer a safe distance.

While sitting at his desk at the academy, he would entertain himself with daydreams of vast, exotic star systems to explore, and while at his family’s farm or his great aunt’s homestead he would climb atop hills and hold up a branch like an E-11, pretending to be a stormtrooper caught in the thick of an intense but heroic battle. Often times he would rope his younger sister into his daydreams, being the Imperial officer or starship captain which bosses her around during their adventures. He kept his head in the clouds, and always seemed distracted when he had homework to complete or chores to fulfill.

Hal would seemingly get his wish one day when accompanying his mother into town. The two crossed paths with a Jedi on an errand, who immediately felt a minute presence in the Force. Striking up a friendly conversation as a pretense to investigate the presence further, he soon found it emanating from Hal. Against his mother’s wishes, a pair of Jedi Sages visited the Agdorin farm to test Hal to determine if he was truly Force Sensitive. He passed.

This came as a shock to the Agdorin family. Hal’s mother had six siblings, who had children of their own. None of them were Force Sensitive until now. For whatever reason, Hal was the black sheep of the family.

His mother, father, and grandparents initially refused. They had no desire for Hal to be taken away by the Jedi Order, fearing the danger and sacrifice that comes inherent to the life of a Jedi. The Sages argued that Hal’s connections to the Force could potentially grow dangerous if the boy was left untrained and that his service as a Jedi could potentially change many lives for the better. It was finally at the behest of Hal’s great aunt that the family finally allowed him to choose for himself. He perhaps made his choice a bit too quickly.

Hal said goodbye to his family before departing for the Dantooine Enclave. He spent two weeks there before it was decided that it would be the best to transfer him offworld so that he does not become too attached to his family. He departed Dantooine for the first time in his life, his face glued to the viewport as he watched the ground beneath him shrink and disappear, and he was surrounded by stars just like in his daydream.