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The Keelkana Clan

The Keelkana
Keelkana were a non-sentient species of aquatic, eel-like creatures that were native to the ocean world of Dac. They grew to be several meters long, and were employed as mounts by the Mon Calamari Knights. They saw much use during the Battle of Mon Calamari that was fought in the opening months of the Clone Wars, when they bit through the battle droids and war vehicles of the Quarren Isolation League. During the same battle, the combined strength of several keelkana was used by a team of Knights to push a giant crab cannon to its destruction in a deep trench carved into the ocean floor.


Alara Meta

  • Initiated – 286.16

Tergos Zemnos

  • Initiated – 286.16
  • Apprenticed to Sasha Raven – 292.03

Pamela Kuonn

  • Initiated – 284.01

Illrian Damaris

  • Initiated – 280.17
  • Apprenticed to Aayla Vigil – 282.10

Aurien Uriah

  • Transfered from Coruscant – 286.02
  • Apprenticed to Delmi N’jork – 286.17

Serris K’Ral

  • Initiated – 284.13
  • Apprenticed to Ametha Tasia – 285.08
  • Apprenticed to Kih Bu – 289.23
  • Resigned from the Jedi Order – 296.07