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The Eopie clan

The Eopie
The quadruped mammals were distinguished by their pale skin and long flexible snouts. An eopie’s pale, white skin helped keep the creature cool by reflecting the intense rays of the planet’s twin suns.
A special hinged skull allowed for a very flexible, elongated snout and a broader range for sharp incisors. Eopies got most of their moisture from desert lichens and tubers.
Eopies were renowned for their endurance and ability to carry a lot of cargo. They also had a reputation of being stubborn or grumpy creatures. This however, could be attributed to their owners, who often pushed these animals to the limit, packing them with extremely heavy loads. It could also be attributed to the limited diet available to these beasts of burden, which gave them incredibly potent flatulence.


Jade Deferri

  • Initiated – 298.08

Saos Nartu

  • Initiated – 298.08

Wynne Avurys

  • Initiated – 298.08
  • Assigned to AgriCorps – 302.15

Zelai Kol’iva

  • Initiated – 298.08