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The Arcology


As the result of a pandemic, which tore its way mercilessly through Republic space, the Jedi Order suffered unfathomable losses. Facilities spread throughout the galaxy were abandoned, or else overrun by the invading Imperium forces.

The need for new medical facilities were paramount and with the combined effort of both the Jedi Order, the Order of Shasa and the Republic Alliance with consistent funding from many Medical Corporations and charitable organizations, the Arcology opened its doors officially on 394.24.

The Arcology is reported to be built over the site of Hrakert Station; An old Republic installation for mining Kolto under the Hrakert Rift in Manaan’s deep waters… The installations history is somewhat distorted over the centuries but some information remains in that it has been the headquarters of the Order of Shasa for several millennia.

The features of The Arcology also are reminiscent from what we were permitted to see, the large historical Academy of the Jedi on Dac. The Order of Shasa, the current owners of Hrakert Station will preside control over The Arcology with open invites to those of the Jedi as well as advanced medical students willing to volunteer their aid to the research.





Additional Information

Permanent Residents


  • Rank – Master
  • Affiliation – Order of Shasa

Arun Dovrek

  • Rank – Student
  • Affiliation – Order of Shasa

Flaireya Muunsk

  • Rank – N/A
  • Affiliation – Republic

Jularen Gavstip