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Taloraan Edifice

Following a time of significant peace, in 404ABY, Grandmaster Coron Audax commissioned the creation of a fifth primary facility to help ease the burden on the Orders main facilities from increasing Order numbers.

Identifying the Galactic South East as a potential area for expansion, diplomats were sent out to make enquiries. After protracted negotiations with local government, Taloraan was selected, a gas giant planet located in the Expansion Region.

The large and grandiose building was assigned to them by the Government and the Order built the interior to suit their own needs.

It was formally opened in 406.29 and populated with student and knights primarily from Ossus and Ilum.



The Council of Taloraan:

  • High Councilor Visilli Tanchet
  • High Councilor Adiba Bukhar
  • Local Councilor Jaa Hysio
  • Local Councilor Ronhar Carden

Head of Departments:


  • Jedi Knight Thana Eerills

Sage Master

  • Jedi Knight Neespi

Master Archivist

  • Jedi Knight Imik Chalu

Branch Ambassador

  • Jedi Master Rieva Done

Gate Master

  • Jedi Knight Tala Beren

Ace Commander

  • Jedi Master Gido Tinter

Master Healer

  • Jedi Knight Denor Deskyk

Master Artisan

  • Jedi Master Kerro Tinquil