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The Rannon Praxeum

Jedi Councillor Sai Akiada first commissioned the Jedi Praxeum on Rannon prior to the outbreak of the Great Galactic Plague. Following an attack by Imperium forces on 340.14 ABY, the Jedi Order branch stationed on Yavin IV was forced to make use of this facility.

Seeking to create a new home for the Alzoc Jedi, the Order scouted many systems in the Outer Rim. Upon arriving at the planet of Rannon, a team of Jedi, led by Master Sai Akiada, could feel the Force guiding them to a nearby mountain. What they found was an ancient tree connected to the Force in an unusually powerful way. It was then that they decided this would be the location of the Order’s next Jedi Temple, with the tree as its heart.

If one meditates or stands near the tree long enough, one could faintly hear a male’s voice, but it is impossible to make out what he is saying.

Constructed by local labourers, the Praxeum shares its architectural design with the majority of other Rannon settlements.

Many years later down the line, the Jedi Praxeum would come under attack by the spectral force on 392.10 ABy. Forcing the Jedi to flee their home and take up refuge onboard a fleet assembled by friends and members of the branch, called the Jedi Floatila.

On 399.14, the former members of the Rannon branch, after having relocated temporarily on Alzoc III, returned on Rannon. The Nexus within the Praxeum’s core still vibrant and very much ‘alive’, and the Praxeum itself now entirely rennovated, repaired and rebuilt where needed, and otherwise restored to its former glory, was once more utilized by the Jedi Order.