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Exploration Corps

The Exploration Corps


The Exploration Corps serves as both an archaeological and research branch of the Jedi Service Corps; this is maintained by the Jedi Order and overseen by the High Council. In the past, the Exploration Corps held bases on nearly every Regional Depot throughout the galaxy and also had a long history of uncovering ancient civilizations and finding new ones.

Following the events of the Great Galactic Plague, the Jedi Order was forced to disband the Jedi Service Corps completely for a brief length of time. Shortly after the announcement of the Jedi Praxeum on Rannon, the Exploration Corps vessel Alacrity returned from Unknown Space at the helm of Captain Ak’ho. (346.09 ABY)

The Alacrity presently serves as a flagship to a slowly expanding fleet of exploration vessels. By 352.01 ABY, it is predicted that the fleet will be comprised of at least twelve modern Colonizer-Class Praxeum ships.