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Duneeden Temple

After the chance discovery of a Force Nexus high in the mountains, the world of Duneeden was chosen as the sixth active Jedi enclave in present times.

The most core-ward facility established since the fall of the Coruscant temple, the centrally located planet benefits from being out of the path of the main hyperlanes passing through the Corusca sector, and only accessible from other core planets by what modern navigators consider ‘back roads’. This removal from convenient travel accessibility has kept the planet off most major political scopes.

Upon the discovery of the Force Nexus decades ago, an exploratory research station was established in the valley below the mountain in the late 390’s.

It was formally taken residence on 442.06 ABY, at which time the Jedi of the Rannon Praxeum were given mandate to continue their training and take studies of the Duneeden Nexus.



The Council of Duneeden:

  • High Councilor Kiara Oren
  • High Councilor Pent Desh

Head of Departments:


  • Jedi Knight Eli Tzineda

Sage Master

  • Jedi Knight Rozea Lhot

Master Archivist

  • Jedi Knight Emma Villume

Branch Ambassador

  • Jedi Knight Minoda Darkrider

Gate Master

  • Jedi Master Mirkal

Ace Commander

  • Jedi Knight Aren Kelpor

Master Healer

  • Jedi Knight Taneeli Vozo

Master Artisan

  • Jedi Knight Donan Healof