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The Temple of Coruscant

Established: 4000BBY
PopulationRoughly 5000+

The Jedi Temple on Coruscant has served as the headquarters of the Order since it’s establishment four-thousand years before the Battle of Yavin, following the destruction of the Temple on Ossus.

Originally a small meditative enclave, the Order relocated to Coruscant following Ossus’ desolation and a new, imposing structure was built, eventually becoming the Jedi Temple as it is known today. Legend has that the temple was originally built by ‘Four Masters,’ a massive Ziggurat built around the base of the sacred ‘Tranquility Spire.’ Over time the complex was expanded with the four Council towers eventually being erected sometime after. Contrary to popular belief, the High Council chamber does not reside within the central spire, instead residing within the South-Western tower with the Council of First Knowledge residing within the North-Western tower, the Council of Reconciliation residing in the South-Eastern tower and the Council of Reassignment residing within the North-Eastern tower. Indeed the peak of Tranquillity Spire contains the Chamber of Knighthood with the Pinnacle Chamber directly above it, containing documents and manuscripts relating to the Orders founding and most ancient histories.