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The Circle of Reconciliation

The Circle of Reconciliation

A branch within the Jedi Order that is responsible for its political and diplomatic affairs. Members of this Circle are known to be well-rounded around the art of oration, intuition as well as protection and strategic thinking; with the majority of them dedicating their lives in the civic affairs, knowledge of Galactic politics, and guardianship.

Their responsibilities fall within, but not only, topics such as:

  • Establishing and maintaining good relationships between different factions of the Galaxy and the Order.
  • Protection of important political figures.
  • Establishing trade routes to maintain the well-supply of the Order and its branches.
  • Participating and Attending at political events that require the presence of the Order.

The most promising members of the Circle of Reconciliation are housed within the Taloraan Edifice, yet many of them can be found traveling the Galaxy. Within their work curriculum, apart from political affairs, the fair knowledge of etiquette and strategy within the Order; while in times of war, negotiations, finding peaceful solutions, and preserving the well-being of civilian figures.

Notable Members

Ossus Temple

  • Ensil Stazi, Jedi Knight – Branch Ambassador
  • Togrez Perqo, Jedi Master – Diplomat


Dantooine Enclave

  • Joran Durren, Jedi Knight – Branch Ambassador
  • Ouzgrib Zelathian, Jedi Knight – Interpreter


Ilum Temple

  • Dsa Madell, Jedi Knight – Branch Ambassador
  • Uelti Poytr, Jedi Knight – Diplomat


Taloraan Edifice

  • Rieva Done, Jedi Master – Branch Ambassador
  • Mozgu Hatj, Jedi Knight – Diplomat
  • Kekleesh Jardeb, Jedi Knight – Economist


Rannon Praxeum

  • Minoda Darkrider, Jedi Knight – Branch Ambassador
  • Donan Healof, Jedi Knight – Counsellor