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The Circle of Healers

The Circle of Healers

A branch of the Order that focuses on the Healing Arts, the Circle of Healers is constituted by those Jedi in the Order who have chosen to specialise in the Healing field. A Jedi is eligible to join the Circle after they have been promoted to Knighthood, if their knowledge of the medical disciplines is sufficient to permit them to be called a ‘Jedi Healer’. The Circle is responsible for the following:

– Oversight of all activities performed by Jedi Healers
– Oversees training in medical arts, including traditional treatment techniques as well as Force-based healing
– Administers the Medical Corps (a branch of the Jedi Service Corps)
– Takes responsibility for the overall health of those Jedi currently serving within the various Temples of the Order
– Engages in partnership work with other medical organisations outside the Jedi Order

Much of the work of the Circle revolves around basic First Aid training for Jedi intending to engage in field operations and also working out in the field directly to provide medical relief to refugees in times of war, as well as actively engaging in first-hand research designed to improve medical knowledge for the betterment of the entire Galaxy, thus fulfilling another role of the Jedi Order’s mandate.

Notable Members

Ossus Temple

  • Ari Tolen, Jedi Master – Master Healer


Dantooine Enclave

  • Jos Darrst, Jedi Master – Master Healer


Ilum Temple

  • Tal N’jork, Jedi Master – Master Healer
  • Vara’lkori’sabosen, Jedi Knight – Healer


Taloraan Edifice

  • Denor Deskyk, Jedi Knight – Master Healer


Rannon Temple

  • Aranna Vaan, Jedi Knight – Healer
  • Teynara Jeralyr, Jedi Knight – Healer