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The Enclave of Arkania

Currently, the Arkanian Praxeum serves as a major hub for medical research and practice. The site is renowned today for its well-trained and powerful Jedi Healers.

The precise date of construction and completion of the original Arkanian Praxeum are unknown. However, it is known that the site was put together some time between the Great Droid Revolution of 4,015 BBY and the Sith Civil War 3,950 BBY. Records suggest that a possible re-emerging of Sith Forces during this period prompted the Jedi to dispatch several Jedi Masters across known galactic space strong in the dark side of the Force, Arkania included.

Through the actions of Jedi Master Arca Jeth, much of the planet Arkania was cleansed of the dark side. It was he who held the responsibility of establishing the original Jedi praxeum, though not as we know it today. The site of the praxeum itself is located far removed from any other civilisation on the planet.

Of the Jedi outposts scattered throughout galactic space, Arkania was in fact one of the smallest. Though the facility was well equipped and suited to the purpose of housing and offering training to various Jedi, it held little in the way of accomidation space for guests. In recent centuries, the praxeum was subject to growth and expansion by the Jedi Order. This development was purposefully initiated to place a focus on the arts of medical practice and research, which it is now renowned for.

The original structure was made up from two levels, constructed from lumber and stone. The site included a main hall which serves to host knighting ceremonies, training bouts and numerous other events. The building was then encircled by a small porch with a courtyard existing a small distance from the main buildings, all surrounded by stone walls erected with carvings and numerous art sketched into them. Today, accomodation space has been expanded, and numerous wards and an expanded archive have been installed, with several lab stations littering the site for medical research.