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AgriCorps Emblem

The Agricultural Corps


The Agricultural Corps was once the largest of the Jedi Service Corps branches. Historically, the organisation was staffed primarily by Jedi who had failed to pass their trials at the Jedi Temple; this permitted those Jedi to continue using their connection to the Force for the betterment of galactic society.

While aligned with the Galactic Republic, the AgriCorps was affiliated with the Republic Agricultural Administration. Presently, this is no longer the case. Following a pandemic which eradicated the majority of the Jedi Order and scathed the Core Worlds, the AgriCorps (along with other factions of the Jedi Service Corps) were temporarily disbanded.

On 343.14 ABY, the new AgriCorps facilities were unveiled on Balamak, an agriworld in the Taldot sector. It currently provides the majority of imported produce at both the primary and support facilities of the Jedi Order.