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The Kingdom of Tamurin


The Kingdom of Tamurin is a little-known system concealed within a nebula in the Outer Rim Territories. Little is known about the system due to its secluded nature and, apparently, ancient treaties signed with the Galactic Republic. The planet is named after the royal family in power, and the system and nebula in which it resides appears to share its namesake. The only data about the society in the Archives is, so far, contributed by a recent visit by Jedi Master Kiara O’ren and her apprentice, Tarsi Morga.


Physical Information


  • Type 1 (Breathable)


  • Desert, Sea


  • Standard

Primary Terrain:

    • Desert Wastelands
    • Canyons
    • Coast
    • Sea

Societal Information


  • Theocratic Monarchy

Native Species:

  • Human

Immigrated Species:

  • Rodian
  • Bimm


  • Unknown

Major Cities:

  • The Holy City
  • The Town of Nathos

Major Imports:

  • Food

Major Exports:

  • None

Astrographical Information


  • Outer Rim Territories


  • The Tamurin Nebula


  • Tamurin System


  • Tamurin

Orbital Position:

  • 1


  • None

Grid Co-Ordinates:

Rotation Period:

  • 27 Hours

Orbital Period:

  • 355 Days


The Kingdom of Tamurin appears to be a theocratical monarchy lead by the Tamurin Royal Family. Residents suggest they came to power due to the Force being strong in their family. Among pious residents of the planet, the Force seems to be held in religious regard. Particularly, the Jedi Order is viewed with great respect and are feared in the same manner as prophets. The planet’s society exhibits evidence of a caste system, where your socio-status dictates lifestyle and where you are permitted to live.

The nobility seems to be focused in what is called The Holy City, which is a large, coastal municipality on the shores of the sea and can be seen from orbit. This planet possesses two biomes divided by hemisphere. The northern hemisphere is a vast sea and the southern hemisphere a vast sea of desert. Those of lower social class seem consolidated to the southern hemisphere in various settlements that have sprung up around valuable, natural resources. These settlements either have arisen near ore deposits, hunting grounds, or “cloud cities” near canyons where water vapor makes moisture farming more effective. Towns and villages appear to be named after their original founder. The village that was visited by the Jedi on 438.29 was titled “The Town of Nathos.” Nathos was the currently living mayor of the settlement. It is unclear if his role was elected.

Despite the presence of the large sea in the northern hemisphere, moisture farming remains a pervasive profession on the world. This is due to the restriction of access to the sea. The pious population believes that if the sea is tainted or depleted in any way, the Force will abandon the planet and it will usher in an era of darkness and that the Force will abandon the world.

It is rumored that the Princess, and heir to the throne, plans to loosen said restrictions as she is said to be a woman of the people, unlike her father the King. It is also rumored that King Tamurin has fallen ill, making it possible this transition of power and shake-up of tradition may occur sooner rather than later. Funeral rights are important to the people of Tamurin. It is believed that, when someone passes, their soul ascends physically upward into the Force. As such, it is the custom of the planet to commemorate a funeral with a display of fireworks so that the deceased can witness the display during their ascent.

Access to both the sea and The Holy City is restricted to “invite only.” The nobility of the world seems to be divided on this policy of stringent tradition. One such noble, Remdi, operates a sandcrawler for the express purpose of hauling water from the sea to the desert waste to distribute it amongst struggling villages and now, with the aid of the Jedi, vaporizes it into the air near “cloud cities” to increase their moisture farming yields. Remdi has expressed support for the Princess’ policy of loosening restrictions, but the fact that no current pipelines from the sea into the desert exists, and access to the sea is still restricted, seems to suggest that a majority of the ruling caste still supports the restrictive traditions.

Upon review of the sensor data collected from Master O’ren’s vessel, there also appears to be at least two additional planets nestled within the nebula. However, details about them are unknown.