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The Fel Empire

Head of State
Emperor Jarek Fel II

Head of Government
Moff High Council

Type of Government
Monarchical Empire

Capital System

Key Systems

The history of the Empire is a long and complicated one, with its origins in the empire founded by Emperor Palpatine at the end of the Clone Wars in 19BBY. With Palpatine’s death in 4ABY the empire he had created collapsed into a collection of warring fiefdoms, ruled over by equally ambitious Imperial warlords, Moffs and Grand Admirals. Several attempts were made over this period by Imperial leaders to re-establish the Empire as the dominant power in the galaxy, the most notable attempt (and almost successful) being that made by Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Over the following years what came to be known as the ‘Imperial Remnant’ continued to shrink, finally coming together under who is now largely heralded as the ‘father of the Empire’, Grand Admiral Gilad Pillaeon, in alliance with a local Council of Moffs. This form of the Empire fought alongside the New Republic during the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, joining the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances (more commonly known as the Galactic Alliance) after the New Republic fell. With the ascension of Jagged Fel after the Second Galactic Civil War, the Empire truly became an empire with an Emperor once again and the Fel dynasty has ruled from Bastion ever since.

The Empire continued to function as a member state of the Galactic Alliance until shortly after the close of the Attrition War, largely due to the Alliances inability to keep the Outer Rim safe from piracy and other criminal elements. With a break down in relations on Coruscant the Alliance fell apart and its constituent members became independent powers once more, the Empire claiming much of the Northern Outer Rim.

With the rise of the Sith Imperium, the Fel Empire fought alongside the Republic as allies once again. Although suffering heavy devastation during the war, recovery has been steady.